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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
there was a wedding on in my local church-bride looked lovely as did her bm but both of them had large tatoos on their arms-i have to say it took away from the beauty of their dresses...i myself have a small tatoo but its on my hip so nobody sees it unless i wear extremly low cut jeans would a large tatoo influence ur choice of bm?
old Posts: 493
Not my choice of BM but probably my choice of dress. Depends on the tatoo really though.
WonderWol Posts: 2927
I have a tatoo on my arm as does my sister who was not only my bm but bm for 3 of her friends and my SIL as well ..... Obviously she was asked to be bm because of her other qualities, kindness, helpfulness, organisational skills and because we all loved her to bits and couldn't possibly imagine having anyone else .......
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
sh*t didnt mean my post to come out like that!!! just thought that the size of these girsl tatoos toady kinda took away from the "bridal" look...
Capetown Posts: 976
Hi Just my opinion but I do think they take from the whole glamour of it. I never liked tatoos anyway. But what I hate I'm sure there's a few that would think they add to the dress and the glamour. I hate them so much H2B is looking into lazer to get his removed. Granted he hates it too it was a mistake when he was 17. It's only a small one on his upper arm.
Huggles Posts: 1108
Don't worry Shelly! I think people will always be divided over stuff like this. IMO, tattoos DO take the glamour away from a dress and many brides chose to cover them up for the big day. If they feel it doesn't impact the dress, then good for them, This might sound terrible, but I wouldn't ask someone with any sort of tattoo on their arm to be my bm. I'm going to be slaughtered for this now. Oh well! :o0
TracieLynnn Posts: 18
I have a large tattoo on the upper part of both arms and they are very feminine and well done, As a bride I have chosen to wear a strapless dress with a bolero for the church and then take it of for some of the photos and reception. For the afters I am changing into a shorter version of my dress that will show even more of my tattoos and some of my BM's and groomsmen are tattooed as well. I don't think that the tattoos will take away from any of the bridal glamour as I love to wear glamorous clothes and wear my hair in a retro style most of the time anyway and I am often complimented on them. I do think everyone is entitled to their own opinions but mine is that some of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen were tattooed. If this were ever truly a problem, there are makeup kits that can be used to cover tattoos as well as boleros, shrugs and wraps but I have been a bridesmaid four times and these were for non-tattooed brides as it was never a concern for them.
foxybox Posts: 672
Hi shelly, I don't think I would not ask someone to be bm just cos they had a tattoo, but in saying that, one of my sisters(bm), got 2 tattoos recently on the nape of her neck. Some letters like the singers Pink (it spelt her sons name), and a caltic triangle under it. When she showed me, my older sis was bursting trying not to laugh cos she knew I wouldn't really like it. I don't do tattoos I'm afraid. She has short hair, so I told her she has to grow it for the wedding. I was only joking, if she wants it on show, I won't lose any sleep over it at all, but I would have prefered if she waited until after the wedding.
gerbil Posts: 3528
I suppose it depends how you think about tattoos I hate them myself but have friends who are wonderful who have them - I wouldn't let it influence my choice of BM but definitely the choice of dress.
BigBird09 Posts: 349
I passed a wedding at my local church a few months ago. The bridesmaids dresses were backless and one BM had a tattoo covering her entire back. Grainne