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Sheila07 Posts: 27
OMG I want a harry potter themed wedding. The castle was gorgeous. He is truly amzing, the attention to detail. Do you think I could do it on a budget of 20,000 lol :o0
mammybean Posts: 10364
Hey sheila, there is a bigh thread under this if u have alook. Is it good? i have it recording as i am in work!
Rainbow :-) Posts: 133
Wasn't it fabulous !! I think you might need a likkle more money than 20,000 Sheila :-)
lou gav Posts: 508
Credit where credit is due, he pulled it off. Not to my taste but the bride seemed very happy with it not sure about the groom, I think he was just happy they didn't spend to much!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
WeddingCrazy Posts: 488
I am raging I missed this caught the last 5 minutes - although it looked amazing. I loved ALL the candles ohh wouldnt it be great to have him!!
sally83 Posts: 8
am dying to know what people think? Did ye enjoy the show?
mammybean Posts: 10364
I am dying to watch it, how long was it on for? I finsh at 11 should be home by 10 past but have to be up at 5.30!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Look here Sally ... 3&start=30
sally83 Posts: 8
Saw that already murry- everyone entitled to own opinion. That's why I asked. Thanks for the feedback...
NotHere Posts: 10273
Was that Harry Potter wedding yours Sally? I didn't get to see it but have heard about it here. Believe me, if we could have afforded it I'd have loved to hire Franc! Absolutely love his weddings and the fact that you have a wedding that everyone will remember. Is it repeated in the week? Would love to see it!