Brides wearing Ivory wedding dresses

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val2bwed Posts: 194
Just wondered what colour underwear you are wearing as my bridal shop have adviced Nude now I'm living in London and I have walked from one end of Oxford street to the other end and back again today and cannot find anything in Nude that I would be happy wearing! There really ugly and I don't want to wear underwear that I won't feel good in on my wedding day. I ended up going to Selfridges and buying a bra there that cost me £79 the matching Knickers was £59 which I haven't bought as not sure if the bra will be ok with my dress but I can bring it back if its not suitable but wouldn't be able to do so with the knickers. Have my first fitting on Thursday! I've been planning this wedding with 2 years and today was the first time I've felt totally stressed. The Nude colour underwear looks to me like it would be visible threw the dress. Girls any opinions I feel so down tonight and my H2B is in Ireland this weekend O:|
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Nude won't be visible. White would be far more visible. My underwear is nude for my ivory dress. Yes, it certainly won't win any style awards but it's better than a VPL! You can always change later.
babyno3 Posts: 53
i was also recommended to where nude as white would show more with an ivory dress its not the sexiest to wear for your wedding night but a quik change is my plan.
Belleboo Posts: 924
I was thinking about this one too. Its best to wear nude than to have your lovely fancy knickers seen by all your family and friends!! My sis in law had to change hers going out her front door as her sister shreaked that she could see her undies through her dress!
deda Posts: 1220
Friend wore nude colour and it didn't show through dress
tags Posts: 544
I'm wearing ivory colour underwear. Its gorgeous and I would hate to wear boring underwear with my beautiful dress. I've tried it on at my dress fitting with the dress and it was fantastic! I suppose it might depend on how fitted your dress is though.
chennelly Posts: 159
OMG girls, this post has suddenly sent me into a panic! Wedding is 8 weeks away and haven't even been looking yet! Dress is ivory so was just gonna wear white underwear but am scared now, don't want people seeing my knickers!!! Would have thought you couldn't see anything through my dress but maybe I'm wrong. 1st fitting is in 3 weeks so I guess I'll find out then, agh...
majcol Posts: 11
Don't worry i was horrified to be told nude plain pants too, but the dress maker did say to save your glam undies for the honeymoon :-8
bridesrus Posts: 917
It will depend on the shape of ur dress - if ur dress is a full or aline u will not see ur undies , but if it is a more slim fitting dress then there is a chance u will - most of our brides tend to wear ivory undies and it works well under ivory dresses. As someone mentioned get comfy undies to wear under ur dress and something sexy for later :xox Bxx
poshrosh Posts: 223
my dressmaker recommended a nude strapless bra and stitched it into the dress for me - great job, I didnt have to worry about my bra showing all day - however - word of warning... my sisters were horrified that I was just going to wear a pair of matching, comfy nude knickers. They somehow convinced me that i needed to go out and buy some fancy undies the day before my wedding...i wore the fancy knickers and was aware of them ALL DAY! They were SO uncomfortable and i wish id stuck to my original plan, instead of having them stuck you know where all day! sorry if this is a bit too much info!