Bridesmaid at 37 weeks?

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tara10 Posts: 108
Hi girls, I am looking for advice on being a bridesmaid at 37 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and I have no idea how I will be feeling, should I go ahead or drop out now? My friend (the bride) asked me at the weekend to take a few days to think about how I might feel and if I am comfortable going ahead being bridesmaid. I really had not thought about it before but now I realise I might find it really tiring and I probably will be very uncomfortable on the day! What do you think girls? Any advice please!! Tara O:|
saz12 Posts: 217
Hi Tara10, Personally i wouldnt at 37 weeks and that is purely going by how i feel now... Up until a few week ago i may have said yes but i am 31 weeks now and feeling every bit of it. Have about 1.5 stone on and its bump mostly so its nothing to do with the weight its more the tiredness and bump is getting to feel very uncomfortable...not sleeping gr8 and always going to the loo. So imagine on her wedding day...the getting in the middle lol) I reckon you'll enjoy the day alot more if you can get ready in your own time and make your way to reception with DH without rushing to look after bride etc... Only my may feel gr8 and really enjoy it :) Saz12
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Hey, I'm going to be bridesmaid for my friend at about 34/35 weeks and I'm nervous about it too (also first pregnancy). My friend is great and keeps saying that I can back out at any time, evening the morning of the wedding! She totally realises that I'll only be able to wear heels for a couple of hours and that my dress won't match the others etc. This is helping a lot, that she's so understanding. How far gone are you now? The thing I'm most nervous about is the heat, wedding is in mid-July, I'm gonna have to get a mini-fan!
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
Yeah I agree. I'm really starting to feel it now. Apart from anything else you don't want to spend the pregnancy worrying how you might feel on the day. Sounds like your friend understands so if I were you I would probably say a reluctant no.
tara10 Posts: 108
Thanks girls, I am 16 weeks pregnant now and already tired all the time! Think I might take your advice and say no, I'm sure she will understand!
mamajen Posts: 2263
I second what the other girls have said and also have you considered that you are classed as full term at 37 weeks? So you could go any day!
FoundHome Posts: 1753
TBH I probably wouldn't but then I gave birth at 36w1d. From our April 2011 babies group, at least three of us first time mummies went early :eek
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Personally I wouldn't. As saz says it would be more relaxing getting ready at your own pace, slipping off to the room for a lie down whenever you want etc. You'll enjoy the day more
mrsdamo Posts: 285
+1 for all the other posters, If I were you I wouldn't, you may well go early or you may just find that you're a lot more uncomfortable and tired and really not up to much at 37 weeks. So if your friend is being understanding then I would decline the lovely offer of being a bridesmaid. best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy :wv