bridesmaid colours

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gemd80 Posts: 2
Just wondering what are the rules on colours for bridesmaids dresses. Is it ok to get the same colour as friends have had for theirs or is it a no go? i've been to alot of my friends weddings and trying to get an original colour that suits my bridesmaid colourings is difficult. Any thoughts?
Elban26 Posts: 2458
To be honest I wouldn't think it matters, it wouldn't be something that would concern me anyway, if I liked the colour i'd go for it!
vonanto Posts: 395
I dont think there are any rules really. As long as you are all happy and comfortable withthe style and colour thats all you need to worry about. I cant imagine why anyone would have a problem with you having the same colour bridesmaids dresses as them. They will look totally different anyway :wv
Mrs09 Posts: 355
I wouldn't think so. im having the same colours as 2 of my friends. :wv
MrsRich2B Posts: 240
Hi - i really dont think there are any rules regarding colours - Just go with whatever you like!! :o)ll