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Martha65 Posts: 3
Hi all, just wanted to get a rough idea of what is expected for me to pay for when it comes to bridesmaids. I've heard different opinions and wondering what the norm is when it comes to paying for alterations, shoes , jewellery , hair/make up etc. Do I cover all costs? Any guidance would be much appreciated :)
allieb21 Posts: 247
Hi! When I got married I had 4 bridesmaids and paid for dress, hair and makeup, earrings, robes to get ready. I let them wear own shoes so they were comfortable. It really is up to you. Some people go more like paying for them to stay in hotel/venue. There never is a right or wrong answer tbh! I was happy with what I paid for. Plus they got to keep the dress and robes :) More importantly as your bridesmaid they should be honoured and happy for what ever you do decide to spend on them x
craftyPB Posts: 2625
You'll get lots of opinions here, but we decided to cover all costs when setting out our budget - the only thing my BMs have had to pay for is their underwear. We've covered dresses, alterations, hair, make up, tan, nails, shawls, shoes, jewellery, bags, accommodation for the night of the wedding and obviously I've bought them some gifts too! But that's just what we decided, it's totally up to you what you do!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I can't tell you what the "norm" is but I can tell you what I am paying for. Dress, alterations, hair, tan & make up, jewellery & headpieces if I decide on them. Might not, not sure yet. They can wear their own shoes if they wish. I think that's it. Cost was a huge factor in us having a small bridal party, everything adds up!
firery Posts: 5
I was wondering this myself ,as im having a small family wedding ,and i have to budget everything ,im having two bridesmaids and i have paid for their dresses,hair ,makeup ,jewerly and hotel room ,i asked them to get their own shoes as i couldnt afford everything ,as week before wedding i have my 2 sons communion and confirmation .I personally think its up to the individual and what they can afford to pay out .
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
Hi girls, We're getting our girls their dresses, paying for alterations which is only E10 per dress, their head piece which we're renting, their hair on the day, MIL is paying for all our makeups, I bought robes in a frenzied fit of excitement when we got engaged so not really counting that in budget wise because it was almost 2 years ago and a friend of mine is doing our nails/tans etc as our present. Their rooms are included in our package. The girls have to get their own shoes, jewelry, bags and underwear. We aren't doing gifts on top of all that! I've spoken with them and they said frankly they'd be embarrassed if we did any more for them. They feel the more we do for them the more that has to be reflected in a gift to us which is ridiculous because we've told them we don't want anything from them! Presence over presents any day as we live away. As an extra treat I've booked my two sisters and I in to get our hair and makeup done the next day but they won't know that till closer the time. Some couples go OTT. It's not a competition on who can spend the most so just go with what you want to do for your girls and they'll pick up the slack.
micls Posts: 1156
I would suggest that anything you expect them to have, you pay for. Obviously the dress. If you expect a certain type of shoe, or a certain hairstyle or a specific nail style, then I think you should cover it. If you're happy for the BMs to DIY their hair etc I don't think you need to feel obligated to pay for it.
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
I am only having 1 bridesmaid so it's not that big of a deal. I don't want her to be out of pocket because I want her as my bridesmaid so we are paying for dress, alterations, shoes, make up, nails, hair and any accessories I would like her to have. As a gift we are paying for the hotel on the night of the wedding and I'll probably get her a robe and something very small as a Thank You. There are a lot of different opinions and budgets so it's really hard to give a definite. I did read once that a good way to go by is if the bride wants something in particular she should pay for it....
MrsGlynn2B Posts: 56
Don't feel pressure to pay for it all each couple is different so is there circumstances, I have 3 Bms I am paying for dresses make up and hair, They are all sorting there own shoes, and there tan and nails. I am not paying for accommodation as I don't feel there is any need Enjoy the planning
lauraw Posts: 113
I have 3 and i am paying for their dress, alterations, shoes, hair, accessories and il give them all a small present on the day. Don't feel obliged to pay for everything!