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nettie07 Posts: 293
hi everyone, my sister who is my bridesmaid dosent want to wear a typical bmaid dress wants something from coast or karen millen, but my neice is my junior bmaid she only 10 im not going to get any thing to suit in there. what do u do, any one know of designers that do dresses to suit both a adult and a 10 year old.
Rocks Posts: 280
Hi Nettie, I wouldn't have a clue as I haven't started to look for dresses yet but would you consider getting someone to make your dresses for you that way your sister will get exactly what she wants and you will also get something made to suit your junior BM too. Its just a thought :)
Butterfly Bride Posts: 6
Can understand your sister, some BM dresses are so OTT. I would check out They do BMs which are not too unlike Coast and they also cater for flowergirls / junior BMs.
bride. Posts: 3014
Slightly off topic, but I got a gorgeous Coast dress in the sale on saturday for my bm, it's a long deep burgundy dress. I love it and it was half price, down from 300eu. I think it's still bridesmaidy but it's not too over the top. hth
over it Posts: 2779
Bear Posts: 671
I also want to get my BM's dresses in Coast or Monsoon or somewhere similar as I definately don't want traditional BM's dresses. Went into Monsoon for a peek at the weekend with my sister who is BM and she fell in love with a dress there. Iam having my niece as a junior bridesmaid. She will be 9 at the wedding so if I go with the dresses in Monsoon I wil just get one for and have it altered. Maybe put some sort of sleeves or straps on it using the material cut from the length.
mama sugar Posts: 1387