Bridesmaid Dress Too Small- help!

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misswalshie Posts: 37
Hi Went to pick up my bridesmaid dresses yesterday and one of them is too small for my bridesmaid. We ordered correct size at the time but she has put on a small bit of weight. The wedding is 3 months away so no major panic just yet. We've ordered an extra metre of the same material (the dresses are Dessy Lela Rose)- only option is to really put an extra panel into the dress!!! has anybody had a similar issue or can anyone recommend a good seamstress who can do this? Couple of people been recommend by the shop but would prefer to go with someone who has been used before for the same thing! Thanks
clarenenes Posts: 118
Where abouts are you from?
Sprocket Posts: 1671
My sister had panels put into a dress that she loved, but wasn't available in her size by the seamstress that Bridal Heaven in Swords recommended. She used this seamstress for alterations on her BM dress when she was my BM and was so impressed, she has gone back to her over and over again. I'll try and get her name and number for you if you're based in Dublin?
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
How much is a small amount of weight? Are we talking dress is a little tight when we zip it up? or can't get the zip up? If it's just a little tight when you zip up, You may not need the extra fabric at all, there is usually a good inch/inch and half to spare on bridesmaid seams for exactly this problem. I know a good seamstress in churchtown in Dublin and also one in Limerick, if you want either just PM me. Best of luck with it.
misswalshie Posts: 37
The dress won't zip up on her- it's ok around the hips, waist etc, its more across the back that there is an issue! New Mrs P- if you could send me on the lady that Bridal heaven recommended it would be great. That's actually where I bought the dress but they have 3 alterations ladies so would be good to know the one who did a similar job!
Sprocket Posts: 1671
Hi, her name is Breda. I'll PM you her phone number
millicent bride Posts: 18
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