Bridesmaid dresses-6 weeks to wedding-HELP

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ariele Posts: 23
Hi there, If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it as I'm completely stressed out as I write this. :( My bridesmaid dresses arrived this weekend only to find that my sister had ordered the wrong ones-I could kill her. She lives in the US so we thought it would make sense if my other sister who lives here and who is my bridesmaid also, would try on the dresses here(in bridal shops) and that my sister in the US would get fitted over there and order them. The dresses that she ordered are completely different to the onces that my sister here at home and myself had decided on and the satin material in these dresses doesn't suit my sister at home, dresses are too fitted and are a dark blue as oppose to the dresses I had wanted. If they were anyway decent we could go with them but they're totally unsuitable. As its too late to order from a bridal shop I've spend this evening in Dundrum looking for dresses off the rack with no luck, can anyone recommend places in town worth looking for dresses ? I'm looking for full length, chiffon style/material, not fussed about colour, but blue was what I had originally looked at. Something simple but elegant. I really like the grecian style dress,one shoulder look (this was what my original choice had) --- saw some in Coast but just looked like bags on (well on me anyway!) If anyone is selling dresses or can help me out, please PM me as I'm desperate to get this sorted. Thanks in advance girls
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Hi Ariele, I know u mentioned Coast before but did you see this one... There was a girl trying it on in the dressing room in Dundrum today (maybe it was you... ha ha) and I just thought it was absolutely fab on her. [attachment=4:12dx484n]coast dress blue.jpg[/attachment:12dx484n] Also these two dresses are from the dresscode brand at Arnotts... I have tried the second one when I was looking for dresses for my sis as my BM (we are a similar shape and size) and it was really pretty on. [attachment=3:12dx484n]dresscode 1.jpg[/attachment:12dx484n] [attachment=2:12dx484n]dresscode 2.jpg[/attachment:12dx484n] You could also try Pamela Scott on Grafton St., Julien in St. Stephen's green, and Rococo in the Westbury Shopping Mall. Have a look at these two from Debenhams... [attachment=1:12dx484n]Debut at debenhams.jpg[/attachment:12dx484n] [attachment=0:12dx484n]Star by Julien MacDonald at debenhams.jpg[/attachment:12dx484n] Hope this is of some help to ya ;-) If I think of any more I'll let ya know.
Barbersrock Posts: 131
I was also going to say dresscode in Arnotts, they have some fab dresses, I hope you get sorted, its an added stress you could do without... Also Klassy dress hire in Carlow do a wide range of bridesmaid dresses...
Sprocket Posts: 1671
Rococco in the westbury mall have AMAZING dresses, very suitable for BMs ...BUT they are about €500/600 each !
ariele Posts: 23
thanks girls for your suggestions,have tried all places listed with no luck :( We have yet to find a dress suitable for both bridesmaids (they are different heights, size) so the search continues and I am getting more stressed by the day. One of my bridesmaids is going back to the US on Sat and won't be home until the week of wedding....more drama so have to try and find something tomorrow. The dresses that I wanted to order were dessy dresses style 2799 in sapphire. Is it worth putting up a post to see if anyone is selling this style of dress? thanks for your help!
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Did you try Richard Allan on Grafton St.? Also did you try they are doing a 20% discount for two or more bridesmaid dresses... Best of luck
ariele Posts: 23
Hi All, So we got bridesmaid dresses in Klassy Occasions in Carlow and they are beautiful, panic over! Barbara was brilliant and we were so happy with the dresses that we chose. thanks for everyones suggestions!
buddylove Posts: 3288
house of brides in usa do this dress. They have a massive warehouse so might be worth a shot. It says they can get to you within six weeks on a rush order. If you ring them you could tell them your story and see whether they could order them and your friend bring them home... Dont know is that any help!
buddylove Posts: 3288
there is a site They can get the dress to you within 20 days with free shipping.. Dont know is this good or bad and you may not wan to take the risk but if your heart is set on these dresses you could give them a shot??