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Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Hi Got my Bridemaids dresses last Thurday - had ordered them from I was very apprehesive getting them online - but it has worked out perfectly and got them at less than half the price i would have paid here :o0 :o0 :o0 My 3 B/M tried them on and we only have to do alterations on one of the b/m the other 2 fit as if they were made for them thank god *) *) Thats another thing off the list now.. *) *) If any b2b are wondering about ordering online - I would say go for it Its cheaper and the dresses are perfect :wv :wv
mini07 Posts: 282
Thats great to hear Lucy, I am definitely thinking of doing this, the dresses I want are E265 here but can buy them for $138 from, since I'm having 4 bridemaids this means a big saving. Just want to get a shop for some of them to try them on. Good to hear positive feedback :o)ll