bridesmaid dresses from house of glamour newcastlewest

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havanaC Posts: 28
Hi all, Have got an amazing price for dessy dresses from a bridal shop in croagh/newcastlewest in Limerick called house of glamour. Problem is I don't have time to go there before ordering as I am seriously short on time. Has anyone ever got bridesmaid dresses or a wedding dress from there, they dont seem to have a website and I cant find anything about them online so I am a little nervous to just go ahead and order just in case!!! I'm sure they are amazing but just difficult to hand over money when there is nothing about the shop anywhere. Thanks a mill, K
Hi K, is it a really ridiculous price you have been offered? I did a quick search and see them mentioned but no actual website for them. Maybe they are just a new shop?? I am in the process of looking for my dessy dresses and have been quoted €300 each but need 4... grrrr.... i have to cater for all shapes and sizes and a bm in oz.... O:| should have sorted it earlier.. as now they are telling me i need to have 16 weeks or they wont be in in time... sorry i cannot help. they have a facebook page. is that where u found them?
havanaC Posts: 28
Just pm'ed you there x
loz83 Posts: 54
Hi went the this shop, the owner is very nice and she had large selection. Didn't end up buying there in the end but she was very professional and lovely to deal with. Hope that helps.