Bridesmaid dresses - GREY TULLE SKIRT

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leahyn Posts: 3
HI Ladies :wv , Looking for a bit of help please, i have my heart set on grey/white/silver theme for our wedding, but im worried a grey bridemaid dress will look drab, so i want something different, im fed up of seeing debs style dresses, so im thinking of a 2 piece, so a grey tulle skirt, be it long or to the knee i dont mind, with a white (slightly sparkle top) wedding is november so im thinking slight grey fur stole to finish. all in my head at the mo but im pannicking as i can find tulle skirts in every other colour bar grey, any ideas ladies
LoveBrowsing Posts: 59
Hi, I'm nearly sure I saw grey tulle skirts in Ollie & Mac in Navan, they have some lovely tops too. You should check them out
leahyn Posts: 3
thanks so much il have a gander now
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
When I googled it Boohoo & little mistress came up sounds like a fab idea good luck!
Smallensmall Posts: 139
They have tulle skirts in Coast that look kind of grey as welll ... ?locale=en
PixieH Posts: 80
Hi. Did you have any luck in finding the grey tulle skirt. I also have a similar idea in my head of tulle skirts and top, thinking purple/greens though. (Maybe putting the bridesmaid in different colours) But dont know if this is suitable for bridesmaid dresses or if its too casual? Anyone know where to get these or any opinions would be much appreciated :) Thank you :wv