Bridesmaid Dresses Made???

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mrsdribbles Posts: 431
Hi guys, I did try and look for a topic similar but i dont think i was writing in the right search keywords! O:| Surely it has been asked before! But What are your opinions on getting BM dresses made? I ask because im a year away and I want to narrow down what I'm doing!! My BM range from a size 6 model, to a special needs girl to a size 16 girl! Im concious they all need different dresses for their figures as a strapless wouldnt be the best practically for my S.N BM but lovely for the size 6. *) Talking to some of the shops, they say that you should order all from the same designer as they will all have the same colur but they might have 4 different nice dresses!!! I contacted a dress maker and she has given me a rough quote to make them for about €700 but i know i have to buy material after that! so cad é an scéal!?!??! any one give advice opinion?!?! *) :thnk
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think going with 4 different dresses in the same colour might be your only option here. Why not bring them all to try on some dresses - dessy bm dresses come in lots of different styles but they nearly all come in the same colours it would work out alot cheaper than making them - I think dessy dresses range from about 180 euro.
michelle0208 Posts: 275
I looked into getting my bm dresses made but between the material and the price dressmaker was charging it was costing 2 much. Like u my bms range in size from size 6 - size 18, so i picked a dress and the girls r goin to get different straps added to dresses to suit each of them.
july11bride Posts: 39
Hey, Just to let you know, I ordered a bridesmaid dress from the website I have tosay I oculdn't be happier, dress was extremely good copy of a dessy dress I adored. It was really well made, very heavy lining. You might have a look there it's another option. I know others may be wary of trying site like this, I was too, but it turned out well for me anyways, I'll be ordering the rest of the dresses from there.
mrsdribbles Posts: 431
thanks guys! Michelle, can you get different tops/ straps? That is EXACTLY what im looking for but most of teh dresses from one collection ive seen are really only 2 strap or strapless!!! i suppose i could have 3 with the 2 straps and my CBM with strapless. I actually panicked on saturday about them! I dont know what to do! O:|
michelle0208 Posts: 275
Hi miss dribbles I'm gettin my dresses in a bridal shop, they come with the spaghetti straps that u can attach but the girl in the shop told me they can do different types of straps, thick or thin or the girls can go strapless or halterneck, this can all be decided when dresses come in. pm me if u want more information