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Caz26 Posts: 30
Has anyone had experience in this or know the cost difference between getting bridesmaid dresses made, buying in a bridal shop or renting them? Any ideas/answers are welcome! Thanks :)
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Think it depends on your budget. You can get some gorgeous BM dresses in shops for 200 and then the same dress direct from the states for 100 (although you might get a bit of customs on that). Alternatively you can buy from somewhere like or Dresselicious (ebay shop) where it's 'off the rack' but cheaper and just as nice. I have no experience of getting dresses made but I would imagine when you add up the cost of material, embelishments and time you will have paid a bit, unless you know a dressmaker? In the end I went for Dresselicious at 59.99 per dress + 6 P&P, they are fab and my girls love them. Delighted with the quality at that price.
aoifemerry Posts: 35
My mum is a dress maker and she would of made the dresses for me but as mentioned above by the time you get the material etc etc and get someone to make them for you they could end up being very expensive (she would of done it for free) but getting the dresses i wanted has worked out cheaper cos i got them through RK Bridal in New York they arrived on Thursday i got them posted over by a friend in the states 45 dollars, the dresses worked out at €90 each (with extra length) and the same dresses in a bridal shop here where €225 without the extra length!!!!! :eek Unless there are particular dresses you want to have made that you can't buy i wouldn't get them made!! Defiantly have a look at dresses in the bridal shops here etc get the girls to try them on then order them online if you can i would defiantly recommend RK bridal the dresses are gorgeous exactly the same as the ones i would of got here but a hell of a lot cheaper!!! I haven't heard of anyone renting dresses Good luck O:o)