Bridesmaid dresses - When do I need to get them?

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mary_d Posts: 74
I'm getting married next April and am wondering when we should go bridesmaid dress shopping? I am thinking of buying from the high street or a boutique rather than a bridal shop so I'm guessing we should start shopping now as if I wait till Autumn/Winter, all the dresses will be black, Red etc. i.e. Dark colours, wintery styles... One of my bridesmaids is pregnant though and due in Spetember and don't want her to have to be looking at dresses until she's had a couple of months after the birth of her baby. Anyone got any ideas??
fish12 Posts: 389
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Ya tricky situation really especially for pregnant BM, I would prob still look now with all the sales etc around you'll get a great deal or else as you said the winter sales will be selling off winter stock.
mary_d Posts: 74
Yeah, only thing is that she can't try the dress on so it would be hard for her to know if it suits. My sister (other BM) will probably decide on the style as she has the strongest thoughts about what she wants to wear so might just bring her shopping, let her pick and see if the other bridesmaid is happy and if she is then just go for it. Meeting them both tomorrow so will broach it then :)