Bridesmaid from hell

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sassysammy Posts: 14
Hey girls I'm furious! I was forced to ask my fiance's sister as a bridesmaid and well, its disasterous! She was to late to get the same dress ans the other bridesmaid so we went to look for a cmplementing dress but she is spoilt and picky, she kept saying my taste is too old. after a whole day of searching she got nothing. Then i gave her the colors to go look for on her own and i can go check it out when she finds anb alternative. She then got a dress and my fiance went to the house to see it. she said she didint want to show him the dress coz she wanted to surprise everyone on the day!!!!!! I rang her mother and said i'll come and see it. I turn up at the house and i see this hideous brown boring dress. It was too dark to complement the other girls copper dress, however i ended up calming her brother down and said i'll put some sequence on it, which annoyed her. It took me 10 hours (8pm-6am) to sequnce the dress and it looked stunning after it. It took it to her and when she put it on she kept rolling her eyes and said its alright, that she preferred it the way it was. My fiance was so angry he grabbed my hand and stormed out. He txt her later and told her how horrible she was to me and that hse didint even say thank you. An hour later th mother rings and tells him, If you have anything to say to her tell me coz she's doing her leaving and yada yada yada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fiance wants to scratch her as a bridesmaid but after i spent 10 hours on the dress i think she owes me to wear that dress. What do you think? From Sassysammy >:o(
Sonique Posts: 248
Sack her pronto! The 10 hours you spent on the dress will be more than compensated by the peace you're gona have. What a spoilt, jumped up little cow. If she didn't have the manners or decency to show up like the rest of the bridesmaids I'd just get rid.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Well even if you do sack her if her dress doesn't maych the others she can still wear it on the day no probs, I wouldn't sack me sil though more hassle than its worth in the long run IMO
Barbalou Posts: 1617
if she's doing her leaving I take it she's 16-17 ish. Have a chat with her Mum, I'm sure she'll see your point of view..
MrsMc2b Posts: 18
I had to reply - I have my 16 year old cousin as bridesmaid as I've no sisters and I used to mind her all the time when she was younger. Anyhow I thought I was going to throttle her when it came to the picking the dress. Everything was too long, too short, too low, too full, too shiny, too fuddy duddy for her and then she had the neck to turn around and say to me when i picked something..& I quote I'm not wearing that, everyone will be looking at me, this is my day you know'. Also because she has really long hair which is always hanging in front of her face I told her I would prefer if she could put it up, just take it out of her face, she nearly lost her life and said no way I'm not doing it. I just said to her very firmly, well ok if things aren't suiting you I'll ask my other cousin to be bridesmaid, she's the same size as you so she'll fit into the dress! That shut her up for a while. Her mother rang me a couple of days later to say that she had a talk with her & explained it was not her wedding and if she wanted to be bridesmaid she had to stop being so spoilt. I didn't ask her mother to do this directly but I did hint that I picked a very impossible BM and I really didn't need the stress.. I think when they are that age all they think about is themselves and trying to look like this hollywood starlet. I have learnt that you just have to tell them (her) 'this is what is going to happen so live with it' - if she doesn't like it she just won't be bridesmaid and problem solved for you. Best of luck with it all, its definitely not easy sometimes :-)
sassysammy Posts: 14
I did talk to her mom but it seems her mom is defending her to the death and the dress now matches the other bridesmaid coz the sequence covered it. Also if i sack her she wont wear the dress coz i "ruined" it for her! Her brother told her off but she is still getting attitude she also lied that my other bridesmaid yelled at her in public so her mum is trying to get the other bridesmaid sacked Sassy sammy