Bridesmaid headache

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Vicky1274 Posts: 181
I've a little problem and was wondering if anyone has encountered similar and if so how they handled it. We are only having a small wedding, and therefore one bridesmaid, I have only one sister and so she is it, but here is my problem, she won't come shopping for dresses, she's said she is not organising my hen's, she just couldn't be more disinterested if she tried, and she isn't even making any attempt to hide it. Like today, Mam and I decided we would spend the day shopping for wedding things, dresses, shoes, MOB outfit, jewellery and the like, I'm excited for the first time since it all came about, and I called her and no, she has no money was the excuse she gave!!! What does she need money for? Anyway, I decided not to argue with her, and then before we hung up she said don't send me pictures of dresses cos I can't get pics on my phone, I just said well we won't have to do that if you are with us, to which she just said shut up and hung up the phone.....How am I going to deal with her being so difficult, I'm tearing my hair out!
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
TBH id be having no bridesmaid if thats her attitude. like what is her problem?!
anika Posts: 2194
i'd change my bridesmaid, if i was in your shoes. ask your best friend, she probably will be honored to be asked.
Married2010 Posts: 372
[quote="anika":5nscknvp]i'd change my bridesmaid, if i was in your shoes. ask your best friend, she probably will be honored to be asked.[/quote:5nscknvp] me too, there is alot to be done without having someone fighting you on everything.
Genegirl Posts: 2110
:eek My god whats her problem?? Seriously why is she acting like this? I would be asking someone else....
jessbud Posts: 429
I would defo try and find out what her real problem is. Would it be jealousy that your are getting married and not her. As there is only the two of ye maybe she doesn't like all the attention being on you. How old is she?? If her attitude keeps up I would tell her not to bother and find someone else to be your bm. I asked my little sis and she was chuffed but said she is doing no work, now she is only 16 and full of attitude but I know when it comes to dress shopping she will be dragging me along lol.
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
I'd see what her problem is, even if shes not a girly girl and in2 weddings shes still your sister and should be honoured to be asked and be sooo happy for you that shed bend over backwards...alot of excitement lies with you and your bridesmaid, from lookign at dresses, to checking out underwear and discussing this and that that id hate for you to miss out on that aspect of the whole thing so id be asking her or saying to her that if she doesnt want to be bm, that that is fine andyoure going to ask your friend..mite be awkward but she could be delighted too--talk to her is my advice before taking her of her duty...Good luck
davlan Posts: 53
How far off is your wedding?? It took my sis ages to get excited about it. At one stage i thought she wasn't interested in anything but then when it got to Jan this year she went into overdrive about it and organised the hen and asked me 100 questions. Now she tells everyone the details of the wedding when they ask me!!
Doodlebug Posts: 74
Any chance she's a wee bit jealous and doesn't want to admit it? Or is there any issue between her and ur h2b? if u have the time i'd give her a few months before u change ur mind altogether
Vicky1274 Posts: 181
Thanks for all your comments ladies, I think asking my best friend would be a bad idea, altho he would love to be wearing a dress, he would probably insist on a feather boa to go with it and I'm not into too much fuss haha, but he is actually the best man! My sister-in-law has decided that she is looking after the hen's night, and she is really excited about it, so I'm gonna let her do her thing, it might shame my sis a little. I understand those of you who suggest choosing someone else, but she is my little sis, we have brothers but only each other, and I really want be honest, I had a good chat with my Mam today while we were out shopping and she reckons I should just let those who want to take on the roles, like my sis in law and my friends. She also thinks its not that she is jealous or anything, its just that she is like my Dad :action34 AND whats made is better is Mam and I bought my dress today, its all paid for and is exactly what I was looking for, also got my flowergirl's dress, and I'm feeling loads better....any one would have thought that after all these years I'd be used to my sister :duh: , But anyway, like you all say, I'm gonna get excited with those who are excited for me.....Thanks for all your comments :)