Bridesmaid issues

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sasha Posts: 2
My bridesmaid recently canceled going to my hens . Now the fact that she goes to everyone else's is bothering me plus she was only at her friends sister's hens .from.the start she had a problem saying she has another one to go to . I feel let down by her and wish I had not of choose someone I taught was a close friend to be my bridesmaid. What do others think .
rosie_m Posts: 13
That's really disappointing, sorry you have to be dealing with that. Your bridesmaids are the very ones you should be able to depend on for the hen party. Did she say why she is dropping out of the hen? Could it be because of cost and she might be too embarrassed/proud to say anything? Is there anything else going on in her life that might be making act this way? If she is having problems in work/relationship/family etc.. then maybe she doesnt want to be away for a weekend (if that's what you are doing) or she mightn't be in the right headspace and knows she won't be good fun if she went. Just throwing out suggestions as to why. It might be worth sitting down and talking to her,tell her you are disappointed she isn't coming and how you were looking forward to doing x,y or z with her and maybe ye might resolve it. It's very bad form for a bridesmaid not to go on the hen so hopefully there is a better explanation or else she is really showing herself up.
sasha Posts: 2
Hi thank you for your reply. She said she can not get a babysitter. But she is able to go on hens which are weekends for the other hen party two weeks ago .from the start she had been moaning about money which I understand it can be a bit expensive. But again can fork it out for others I just feel I should have been her priority considering she is a bridesmaid . I asked all my bridesmaids would they buy their own shoes as I am paying for dress hair makeup accomdation hen outfit. She was the only to have a rant . I am really seen her true colours .
rachsaund Posts: 54
Sorry to hear you are going through this it really makes the whole thing stressful
ScarletG Posts: 14
So sad to read this, like you aren't already stressed out with organization and everything else. What happened in the end?