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misswalshie Posts: 37
Hi Has anyone any good ideas for bridesmaid presents. My BMs are a bit alternative so the usual newbridge type jewellery won't really suit them. Plan on getting some cheap costume jewllery in Oasis or something for them to use for the day. Anyway am trying to come up with some ideas for their presents- plan on spending about 100 eur each. At the moment I have a personalised bathrobe and personalised champagne glass for the morning of the wedding. Dunno what to get for the main part of their pressie- was thinking make up, perfume, maybe a Spa voucher and then throw in a few small bits and pieces! Any ideas anyone has would be much appreciated! Thanks :eek
MissBid Posts: 587
I got mine a molton brown gift set...
allaboutweddings Posts: 813
Hi, Just to let you know we have a range of bridesmaids gifts on our website - they are in the bridesmaids section and also in the bridal party gifts section including personalised frames, trinket boxes,personalised champagne flutes, bridesmaids socks,personalised chocolate bar and lots more - you might get some ideas on there. There is also a personalised gifts section with items such as personalised champagne, personalised cards, personalised jigsaws (for mini bridesmaids) (and a great idea for placenames for kids at weddings) and lots more in there. [attachment=4:3okttzgi]butterfly frame.jpg[/attachment:3okttzgi] Really pretty in real life as the butterfly and embellishments are 3D. [attachment=3:3okttzgi]butterfly trinket.jpg[/attachment:3okttzgi] - Same as frame - Butterfly etc., in 3D and you can personalise it for each bridesmaid. [attachment=2:3okttzgi]bridesmaid socks.jpg[/attachment:3okttzgi] - Handy for any bridesmaids hamper. [attachment=1:3okttzgi]beautiful bridesmaid choc.jpg[/attachment:3okttzgi] - You can personalise this with the bridesmaids name on the front and a message on the back. [attachment=0:3okttzgi]mini champ.jpg[/attachment:3okttzgi] - Personalised Here is the link to the personalised gifts section: Hope that helps, Michelle PS We are running a competition when we get up to 300 likes on facebook we will have a draw and give out a prize so if you get a chance to like us on facebook that would be fab:
kk2011 Posts: 67
Keep the ideas coming girls :-) I am looking for pressies too, but the problem is my bridesmaids all have very different tastes in jewellery etc, and even things like a beauty voucher wouldn't be great for all.
traceybere Posts: 527
I got my bridesmaid dressing gowns - but on the day I have a small gift that will be on the hotel table (so one is a jovi fan - I got her a jovi plec necklace, the other loved lord of the rings - so I got her a lord of the rings ring - and my other lovely BM is on here - so I am keep her's a secret ) I also paid for their dress, shoes, jewellery, hotel room the night before and after, handbags an a couple of little bits xxx They're worth it!!!
PearlBaby Posts: 532
Along with bits and pieces and i got them a Jo Malone Candle and they loved them. You can buy the lid for the candle and get it engraved as well. I think that was an extra 23 euro (i didnt bother with the lid though)
Jawl Posts: 8881
I am doing little hampers, they contain.... *) Black silk PJ's with 'Bridesmaid' in diamante on the back *) Matching fur and sequinned ballet pumps *) Evening Bag which they will use again *) Shoes which they all say they can't wait to wear again *) Wedding Day Yankee *) Bottle of Wine *) Gorgeous Necklaces from River Island (12 euros, but so wearable again!) *) Bracelets from the bridal shop which were €50 each and will be worn again I think that's enough! They also get to keep the dress and feather stole. And I'm paying for accommodation for the two who have chosen to stay over that night :)
cailinoBAC Posts: 104
My sisters are my bridesmaids. I’m paying for everything, flying them from far flung destinations, they can keep their jewellery etc. and they definitely won’t be expecting anything else, but I just want to get something small as a surprise. I was looking for something along the lines of the willow tree figurines, but one sister already has that and anyway, if possible would like something with three sisters. I’ve googled but nothing has jumped out so far. Any suggestions?