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JustBecause Posts: 3242
Sorry please bare with me this is abit complicated to explain! I've asked my 2 younger sisters to be bridesmaids alongside my 2 oldest friends. I had a chance to speak with my 16yo sister and explain what I expect from her (no strops, listen to the other 2, help, be on myside) but didn't get to talk to the younger one, 13yo. about it. She really doesn't no what it's about but she really didn't want to be left out. I live in a different counrty and won't have a chance to talk to her face to face for a while. I have bought shoes I want them to try and was going to do a "Will you be my bridesmaid" card and put it in with the shoes and maybe some details about what a bridesmaid does. So the question is: How do I describe the role of a bridesmaid and my expectations to a 13year old? Confetti have a Bridesmaid book, I was thinking of buying this and putting it in with her shoes. Any ideas suggestions real life experiences? PS I got the logo for the card from here, it's so pretty!
JustBecause Posts: 3242
If found this on The Knot: [quote:rclqe553]Q. Is it appropriate to inform my bridesmaids of their traditional roles so that they are not confused? Personally, I would find it helpful, but others might find it presumptuous. How can I offer this information to my wedding party without sounding ungrateful to any assistance they may offer? A. A fun and unthreatening way to let everybody know what her bridesmaids duties are (and/or what you expect of each of them) is to send out a newsletter detailing all to-dos and other essential information. That way, everyone is privy to everyone else's duties, and no one will feel as though she's been directly targeted. You're probably right that most people will find it helpful to have their responsibilities explained, because they might be fully in the dark. Be sure to include a huge "thank you" to everyone for being a part of the wedding early on in your newsletter -- your team will be much more receptive to a grateful-sounding summons.[/quote:rclqe553] I don't think I'll go quite this far! I got the little confetti book "The Bridesmaid's Wedding, the essentials for your role" and I'm going to put it, the card and a little corsage in with her shoes. I hope this will give her a better idea about her role in the wedding and maybe get her a bit excited about it.