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montagne Posts: 1849
Dump her. Seriously, she will do something much worse closer to the wedding. PS I cant understand the har thing though. Did you ask her just because of her hair?
scaldey Posts: 76
Seriously poor you - can see why your so frustrated and annoyed O:| and if it was me i would just approach her and ask Does she still want to be bridesmaid because im sure there are loads of people that would jump at the chance.. She sounds like a spoiled brat and do u really want someone like that winding you up on the morning of your wedding. Good luck with it.
YoungsWIfe Posts: 738
I have a bridesmaid who is very similar and I know its hard but I just now totally ignore her when she has a hissy fitt. I dont consult her about anything got to do with the wedding anymore. I am lucky I have 3 other bridesmaids who are great. To be honest I wouldhave dropped her ages ago only it would cos too much tension in the family but after the wedding I dont intend on being friends with this person anymore.
Cork_girl Posts: 525
[quote="Audrina":1kpr1m21]Am trying to ignore it but now its been weeks since I have heard from her and how can I plan a wedding without my bm???[/quote:1kpr1m21] Do you really need her if you have another perfectly reasonable bridesmaid? Try to do as much as possible without getting her involved, as let's face it, she's probably only going to cause grief. If necessary get help from other family members if you really can't manage with just yourself and the other bm? I found it easier to just do most things myself, my bm/sis was only 16 so she couldn't help with everything that a bm normally does but my mum helped out too and we were fine.
sugarpuffs Posts: 118
i'd try and get rid of her. if she is of no use to you and is giving you hassle why bother with her
montagne Posts: 1849
Have a read of this. Then dump her.
Audrina Posts: 251
[quote="carlow":2p7ghzrj][b:2p7ghzrj]I suppose if you knew this girl you would know that alot of it is intentional. I was told by so many people that she would do something drastic to get attention before the whole hair thing[/b:2p7ghzrj] so why did you pick her?????????????/[/quote:2p7ghzrj] When I announced my engagement she said ' ask me officially?' But in saying that I have known her 17 years and is my oldest friend. As for the whole hair thing and it being her hair etc etc I understand it may seem as if I expect her to do what I want and not change her hair but as I said if she saw nothgin wrong with it then why say what she said a few weeks before to me. There have been so much drama that I have ignored since I started planning our wedding and I have let it all go. Its not just that this bm has dyed her hair its everything she has done. I am at the end of my tether now, I really am. :o(