Bridesmaids different colour dresses?!

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suzins89 Posts: 30
Hi Guys My 3 bridesmaids are very different and i was wondering is it totally ridiculous to put them in different dresses? Obviously i wouldnt have the dresses completely a million miles away from each other or looking odd beside each other! Has anyone ever seen this or considered it other than in The Sex and The City movie? ha Thanks Suz :xox
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Hey! I've got two bridesmaids and they're very different shapes - I've said as long as their the same colour (black) and the same material, I think it might be better if they do get different dresses so they're both comfortable...I'd make sure the dresses compliment eachother and have a similar 'look' to them but other than that defo!
Karen WOL Posts: 625
Hey Suzins, Just letting you know we did a blogpost on this very subject a while ago if you want to have a look! Personally I love the idea of different dresses... ... ds-how-to/ Hope it helps! Kx
Leftbank Posts: 2395
I had 5 bm and had 2 different colours.. Pm if u wanna see pics? It's nice to be different and a bit more of ur personality shows with choice of colours...
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I am having 3 bridemaids who are all different. We have chosen a colour, material and lenght and I have a dressmaker to make them all a dress with a different top that they like and that will suit them.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I always loved that part of sex and the city!! I say go for it. I have 4 BM's and we've ended up with same dress but 2 colours. They are all happy so I'm happy :o0
elle1 Posts: 263
Our best friends recently got married they had 4 bridesmaids. Same exact dress but 1 purple 1 pink 1 green and 1 blue it was pretty cool. the groomsmen had a matching cravat to their bm
suzins89 Posts: 30
Thanks guys they all sound really great! Good to know more and more people do it, as i've never actually spoken to anyone who has done this. Am really keen on hopefully doing this now! Cheers :wv
missussunshine Posts: 513
Hiya.. I had three bridesmaids in three different colour but same style dresses and they looked deadly. They all wore the same multicoloured shoes to tie them all together. Turned out fantastic in the photos. I can send you photos if you want a better idea.