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PixiePop Posts: 33
Hi Girls, I'm not sure if I'm posting this under the right forum! I want to order my bridesmaids dresses on line or from the States to save some money and I was just wondering if people have done this and if they would recommend it? Who or what sites do you order from and how do you know which sizes to order etc? Are the savings worth it? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
You'll probably find more info on this in Old Faithful. I am ordering my Dessy BM dresses from but another popular one is RK Bridal. The websites will give you sizing charts depending on the designer as they are all different. I'll get my 4 BM dresses including P&P for €450 and I was quoted €880 here just for the dresses.
chicabride Posts: 453
Hi there I am thinking of doing this..but it is a bloody minefield...cos if you get the sizes wrong your screwed..cant blame anyone but yourself!! We were looking at a website I seen mentioned here called They do lots of dresses but the ones we liked were by a designer called Bari Jay. When I googled to see if they do them in Ireland A place called Klassy hire came up. They sell Bari Jay but they also will measure you and allow you to try on dresses and you can the the colours IRL. They charge 20 euro per bridesmaid. The dresses we had seen in Baldoyle bridal(not Bari Jay) were 320 each. I have 3 bridesmaids so at least 960 without alterations. Similar dresses I seen on that website worked out at 568 euro including postage. Thats a big saving. I know I will still have to get alterations..but I would have to pay for them from a bridal shop anyways.. Have a look, If you want to order dresses try to try them on somewhere in a bridal shop and get a dress maker to measure the girls for more accurate measurements.. HTH