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Sweet16 Posts: 39
Hello girlies! I have a bridesmaid who is into all things Towie, Real Housewives, Made in Chelsea etc. Can anyone think of a present that she'd love that might be in one of those programmes? I don't watch them so dont know!! :lvs
redgp Posts: 1681
Could you maybe do her a little basket saying "When reality is better than TV, You're a REEM friend" with a little photobook of you and her together? Frankie from TOWIE just started up her own hair extension online shop. Might be an idea to contact her through it and ask her to write a personalised short note to your bridesmaid wishing her the best? Made in Chelsea logo/theme is all that Keep Calm stuff so here's a bt-shirt you could get her. ... 35c3fd6646 There's loads of TOWIE stuff in Claire's accessories on sale at the moment and quite a bit from all those shows on ebay!