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googoo Posts: 216
Hi Wollies - am hoping you can help!!! Have an appointment with my 3 BM's in a few weeks in Ardee Bridal. But seeing as I have their time (and don't want to be wasting their weekends trapsing around shops) where else do you think we should go shopping that day. The appointment in Ardee bridal is for 12 o'clock. I am coming from Navan direction. Should I drop into Drogheda for around 9 then up to Ardee followed by Dundalk at say 3pm? Is this do-able? Any recommendations on where to go? Also my mother is going to come along (number 1 - I really value her opinion and number 2 - she really wants to) - is this weird bringing her shopping with the BM's? They all get along really well though. Finally what else did ye do when shopping with BM's - did you bring them out for dinner (did u pay???) Just not sure what is the norm so would really appreciate any advice you could give me!!!
augb2b Posts: 177
My guess is the shop will give you an hour appointment so you could be in dundalk after for 1.30 (don't forget to eat) 2pm appointment at Butterflies and Angles in the town? have a look at the website and see if there are any dresses you like first. Newry has a good few BM shops if you want to head up the road. Can't help with Navan/Drogheda area sorry. I bought mine dinner afterwards mainly because our first appointment was at 1pm in newry and then our second was 3pm in lurgan, we got lost and were late, 6pm sat down for food and a great laugh recovering the days events. It really was a great day out, but a quick snack in the middle was really was needed.
scrunch Posts: 450
Following on from your reply !!! you're lucky to have all 3 together 2 of mine live abroad and 1 is 5 months preggers ! So haven't seen them all in the dress at ant one time !! In fact have only seen one of them !! But it'll be grand :innocent: Bring your Mum along with ya !! They love it ! i brought my future mother in law and she was so happy to be involved ! I'd say head to Ardee for 12 try on there at leisure then head to Dundalk and have some lunch and then there is a lovely bridal store ther cant remember the name tho sorry !! maybe buy a bottle of wine at lunch or something don't think you'd be expected to foot the bill ... have loadsa fun !!! It's great :)
Twirl Posts: 5598
Im only having one but i paid for lunch and collected her and brought her home. We went to Ardee Bridal and the Bridal Studio and All about brides in drogheda. Be prepared when you are driving around places and then sitting looking at dresses all day it is tiring so i definitely wouldnt do any more than 3 shops even 2 if you are travelling around, especially going to ardee, dundalk and drogheda its a good bit of mileage and you have to have a clear head. the only complaint i would have about the bridal studio in drogheda ( which is across from bru, in there is nice for lunch ) there was not enough room in the changing area, up stairs is for brides but down stairs is cramped. All about brides and Ardee bridal have brilliant room in their rooms and big changing areas too,lots of mirrors. One day i drove to Balbriggan, ardee, drogheda and we had lunch in between but i was wrecked when i got home and im sure my BM was too from trying dresses on. best of luck, think its great your bringing your mam, mine came with me the day we picked the dress and i wish she had have been there from day 1 when looking.
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
theres 2 other bridal shops in Dundalk other than butterflyz and angelz, modern fashions, which deals mainly with bridal dresses but they have good few bridesmaid dresses, don't think you need an appointment for bridesmaid dresses either. I got a debs dress in there once and my sister got a few too. They do raylia, ebony rose and i think maggie sotteros prom range can't remember the name. You may not like anything but might be worth a look. The other bridal store is called Bride2b and is in carroll village centre. Not sure what makes they stock but have seen some nice ones in the window from time to time. As for Newry and Drogheda I know there are shops in both but don't know the names. There are about 5 bridal stores in Drogheda I think but don't know if they do many bridesmaid dresses, so maybe when you're as far as Dundalk you could head on to Newry and do Drogheda another day, or go to Dundalk first thing in the morning before Ardee and then head to Drogheda on your way home. Maybe try type in bridesmaid dresses or Louth into search I'm nearly sure thats how I found out names of one s in Drogheda before. I haven't gone myslef yet so will ahve to research them again. Good luck and have a great day. :o)ll
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Depending on what order you are shopping in how about trying My Fair Lady - Cera is located between Castleblayney & Carrickmacross - about 20mins from Ardee. She has a large selection of Alfred Angelo dresses if you like them.
googoo Posts: 216
Oh Wollies - thanks so much for all the tips!!! I had a look of some of the websites for the shops you mentioned. Butterflies & Anglez seems to be fab in Dundalk - will defo check them out. Didn;t think about the tiredness factor so might cut it down to 3 shops (Ardee, MyFair Lady & Dundalk) and maybe do Drogheda on another day if we have no luck. Please, please, please let me find the dresses on the first day!!! The BM's are very busy and I had to book them at the beginning of June to get them all free for a day in August. Thanks again girls - ye are great!!!