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juju14 Posts: 187
Hi just looking for some advice! My wedding in sep 2014! Asked my sister and best friend to do bridesmaid. Also have a little niece who wants to be mini bridesmaid! My numbers for wedding are only 80-100! I think one bridesmaid would be better for that size! Don't want more in bridal party than nearly at wedding!! What do people think?? Is 2 & mini bridesmaid too many for that size??? Could I explain to friend ? Would I upset her? Any advice please??
MrQ Posts: 1085
We marry in sept 14 and have her sister and her best friend, 2 flower girls and a page boy. We have about 120 people and our selection was the same when we palmed on marrying in Spain with only 30 guests. For us it has to do with inclusion rather than disparity between the number of guests.
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Why don't you just say you'll finalise arrangements sometime in the New Year. I know with the excitement of getting engaged etc. people probably have a tendency to rush out and ask their bridal parties but honest to God the posts on here should be a lesson learnt and testament of what [u:2wkjwl3a]not[/u:2wkjwl3a] to do two years in advance of a wedding date! Friendships and relationships change and evolve constantly. 3-6 months is more than adequate time to put your bridal party in place.
Bootsie Posts: 448
Our wedding is 80-100 and I was a bit worried about the same but wanted my two bridesmaids.. my two best friends .. and very very glad I have them now as one is super organised and the other is an oasis of calm! Then I couldn't have one of my nieces without having all of them as its the only real family wedding so I now have 2 flower girls .. 1 sparkle baby (I've been told she is too young to be called a flower girl by the other two! ) and one page boy.. sure look its our wedding and they all get to dress up so happy days!
Snuffy Posts: 1492
I'm having 2 bridesmaids and will have about 40 people there on the day. And h2b is having 2 and. Junior groomsman.
juju14 Posts: 187
Thanks for replies! Prob end up with about 80 people on the day so might just go with my sister ! In the excitement of getting engaged I rushed things need to relax now !! Will have a flower girl too
allieb21 Posts: 247
I've got just under 80 and have 4bm and OH has 4 groomsmen. I don't think you can ever say there is a norm with the bridal party it is just what you want on your day :) :wv
DanaMarie Posts: 36
I didn't realise there was an etiquette regarding number of bridesmaids to number of guests? I am having 80-100 and have 2 bridesmaids and a small one.