Bridesmaids.. too sexy?

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Hi everyone, This is a BM dress that I really love, but I am concerned it is too risque with the low front and back. One of my BM's is a-b cup which I think will be fine but the other is c-d. It will be in black which is pretty demure... and Im going for a feminine romantic theme. Im finding it really hard to get a stockist of this particular dress in Ireland and am toying with the idea of taking the risk and buying online ( cant return). What do you think? ... Style-5924
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Think it is fab. You really need to talk to BMs on this to make sure they would be comfortable
streaks Posts: 3592
I think its gorgeous dress but anymore that a b cup might be a bit to busty for a church.. try them on the girls and see how they look you'l probably have a good idea then :wv
Thanks Maybebabysomeday, I have shown the BM's the dress and they both really like it ( I may have lugged them around to one too many bridal shops at this stage and they are just agreeing for an easy life but...). Lilmissgiggles, Thats my concern too, church cleavage aint pretty. Im finding it hard to get a stockist of this particular dress in Ireland.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Oooh I think its fab too. Perfect for the smaller bust so you would need to see if it would look well on bigger bust (I am a c-d cup and know my boobs would look rotten!!!!) as not sure you could wear a bra?
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Oh I know that feeling. It would be the bigger busted of the 2 that I would see being uncomfortable. Would she normally wear a top like that on the dress?
maybebabysomeday and fishermansbride, The bustier BM ( who would be thrilled at such a title.. no really) is very comfortable in cleavage enhancing clothing ... in a very non jordan way. I feel that even having to consider this means it is an unsuitable dress for a church... but I love it so much more than the rest!
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Think everyone is different in what is acceptable & whats not. Years ago no one would have got married in a church without covering their shoulders.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I think it's a beautiful dress :lvs Really very glamourous... but I do think it's a risk as a BM dress. They really couldn't wear a bra even so unless they are both small busted I think you could have a wardrobe malfunction :ooh Also, just remember you and the BMs might be feeling brave now but if you change your mind and decide they're too risque you're in trouble. I think a wrap/shawl or shrug would spoil the look.
mkb Posts: 1744
nimmobride, I am almost certain my bms tried this dress on in Marie McElheron in Arklow in green and if i am wrong and she doesn't have it she can oder it in for you. I got her to order 2 J.Hjelm bm dresses for me it cost 40 euro but I couldn't get them in dublin or anywhere really. Im going for 2 styles of Jim jhelm bm dresses too and 1 of them is quiet simular to this one (as in its quite low cut in the front and back) but it looks great on and girls loved it. I am a little bit worried about the church too so I ordered some extra material and if needs be we are going to put a panel in the front of thedress just to cover the girls up.