Bridezilla moments?

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piscean Posts: 351
The other night had plans to go to church to introude ourselves to the priest, same night out friends were having a party - told H2B we had to go to mass and then we'd go on to meet our friends. H2B was trying to put off going to mass and just go to party- I had a bridezilla moment - starting crying and saying to him "our wedding should be most important thing at the moment" -he made a quick exit upstairs and came down a little while later saying he'll do whatever I want. Its funny how things can seem so important at the time :o0
gottabfp Posts: 5641
i had one last night h2b mam rang, and said remember i told you about lets call her sarah, ( sarah is an american niece of h2b sister in law), i was like " who is sarah?". got explination. so anyway ( sorry i waffle) h2b has asked her to the FULL day of the wedding to see what an irish wedding is like! , then said she can go instead of the h2b baby niece. the niece who gets free meal, is now replaced with a 14 year old i dont know for a €50 meal! there was some of my friends i couldnt invite cos of money, h2b is out of work and everything! h2b then tells me that his mam asked him weeks ago if she could go and he said no we couldnt afford it. but of course she tried the other route of me knowing i wouldnt say no to her! im so annoyed!!!!!!! anyway as h2b says nothing we can do about it now. another thing that annoys me is she will be sitting at the family table at the front and i dont even know her and the people i love and spend every day with will be down the back..... god i cant wait to marry into this family!!!!!!!!!