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junglegirl Posts: 239
Anyone happen to catch the american programme "bridezillas" on tv3 today at about 4pm?I watched it today with my other half and he really appreciates me now,compared to the brides to be on this programme i am a saint!
Frankie Posts: 1571
Oh gawd yeah, it was terrible - h2b was chucking the remotes at the telly, I had to turn it off! You had to feel sorry for the husband of that young girl who didn't want to walk down the aisle though....
junglegirl Posts: 239
Oh god yes,she was such a brat ,so horrible about her poor mum,my other half was shouting "dont do it at the telly."Her hubby seemed like a real nice guy ,I think the moral of the story has to be dont marry anyone you have only known for a month!its totally addictive though,i burnt dinner watching it!
SanFranBride Posts: 212
yep I watch it too on the TV over addicted to it also. I keep some of them to show himself how I am not a bridezillas!!
Glittergal Posts: 1504
I watched something like that before. This bride was having a hissy fit at her reception cos it was a scorching day outside and all the guests were outside drinking the arrival drinks and she wanted them all inside to listen to the harpist. She made the groom tell the ushers to go into the backroom and aplogise to her for not making all the guests come in There was alot more she did but I cant remember, she was an absolute weapon anyway
number1cat Posts: 369
Didn't see today's one for some reason but I saw last week's one and it sounds like there's no shortage of these little wagons. The ones last week were entertaining, particularly the one who got in a fit because her dress had some kind of stain on it. Don't they have professionals to deal with those things - and she wasn't living in a rural area. The other one was getting her knicks in a twist because of some spots that had shown up because yep, she was getting her knicks in a twist so much! I know I'm being unfair but I could barely see the second girl's zits and no-one would have noticed them unless she mentioned them! Needless to say everything was wonderful on the day.
Rhiannon Posts: 50
I wasn't too impressed on hearing that the worth Bride orginates from word meaning cook.H2B definatley isn't going to hear about bridezilla from me! :D
brideaug06 Posts: 241
saw it and couldn't believe what I saw. the bride who gave out to her mother was horrible and then when she started crying before going down the aisle I was screaming at the groom to run very fast.