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lil-star Posts: 3149
For those who dare to wear..... how do you get extreme colours to stay on your eyes? I tried my best last night, i had an aqua green and dark royal blue but they ended up looking like pastel colours in the end O:| i put foundation on my lids first but still nothing!!
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
I always had the same problem but MAC eyeshadows are brill. What brand were you using? I usually but some eye primer all over the lid and sockets, wait a minute , then put on a thin layer or two of a neutral, opaque shade. Then be really heavy-handed with the bright shades and layer up until it looks how you want it to.
lil-star Posts: 3149
I was using ISA DOR and Dior so no excuse!! I read somewhere that brushes take the colour off again and to use your finger!
fantasyfaces Posts: 41
Best thing to do is to dust powder on your eyelids (not under the eye as this makes fine lines more noticable) This creates a base for eye shadow. It could be the brush u are using is a blending brush. These brushes are too soft to really pick up the eyeshadow from the containers. U need a hard/firm brush, to apply the eyeshadow. And then build it up gradually. Any other questions just ask! x
lil-star Posts: 3149
thats BRILLIANT fancyfaces!! i was using a blending brush because i thought it would be the best! So your saying to get a hard brush? what about cotton buds?
makeupbyangela Posts: 297
Hi Lilstar Begin with primer all over your face. I recommend Smashbox primer. Apply foundation with a brush all over your face. The apply concealer with a brush all over the lid and your browbone. Then powder with a puff right away as creases will begin to appear quickly. Then apply a base colour of eyeshadow - cream colour. Then blend colour into socket and apply colour on your lid. Hope this helps :wv
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makeupbyangela Posts: 297
Hi again I forgot to say - blending brush for the socket and a flat brush for your lid. MAC blending brush fab and 6N Brush form Make Up Forever fab for eyelid. Foundation, concealer and then powder makes all the difference. You must have a base colour and apply it all over lid and up as far as browbone. Good luck. :wv
lil-star Posts: 3149
Thanks angela, im really going to have to get some smashbox thats all you wollies talk about!
fantasyfaces Posts: 41
Seconding everything Angela just said!!lol MAC also do an eye makeup primer.Although not really necessary if you use the eye concealer with power like angela just said. As for the cotton buds...nope! not goin to do the job. Another great makeup brush for application for the stronger colours is one from face 2, number 10. Its actually sold as a shading brush, but its an excellent applicator also. Alternatively try the white flat brush from MAC, cant remember the number. The blending brushes numbers are no.217, or number 224.
weddingmakeupartists Posts: 69
Just to add, MAC do great eye paints ( stillife being a personal fav) that once they dry make a great base for all shadows. The white brush fantasy faces are talking about is the 239 brush. Hope this helps!! [email protected]