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23skidoo Posts: 1272
H2B just sent me this link - DON'T click if you're in work or can't control yourself! I won't be held accountable for people getting sacked or looking like lunatics for laughing so much! ... 6420&FID=2 :wv
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
:o0 :o0 This one's my favourite :o0 [img:2ypueikf][/img:2ypueikf]
23skidoo Posts: 1272
I forogt to say that there's more than one page - just scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a link. These ones are my favourites: [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y] [img:1t8hqq3y][/img:1t8hqq3y]