Bringing a kid to a PG film? How old?

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Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Afternoon Wollies, I'm taking my two nieces to the cinema this weekend. One is almost 11, the other is almost six (birthdays after Christmas). Was thinking of taking them to see Hotel Transylvania seeing as it's near to Halloween but it's a PG rating, not G or U. Would that be ok for the six year old? I looked at the trailer and it's an animation like and seems more silly and slap stick than outright scary. It says under it that it contains 'some mild scary scenes and some rude humour' which judging from the trailer is kinda like fart jokes and silliness like that. Of course, I will be asking their parents before I take them but I wanted to have an idea cos if it's not a runner I won't even bring it up so not to disappoint the kids. There's also the option of Diary of a Wimpy Kid which on the cinema listing says it's G but then when you click in the trailer it's PG. This looks kinda silly too and fun, but there's a bit of 'romance' if you will and girls in swim suits and that which I wondered about. What do you think? Would PG be ok for a six year old? Myself and my husband will be there with them and we're going at 2pm or whatever in the afternoon so I don't think it'll be that scary.
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I think the Transylvania one would be ok, the trailers for it look suitable for kids. I don't think it would be very scary, but I guess it depends on the child- like if they get scared by vampires and stuff, it's probably a no-go. With the PG stuff, I think a lot of the more adult/subtle humour and content goes over the heads of smaller kids. I've often seen adults chuckling along to a joke that the kids haven't even noticed. The 11 year old would probably notice more than the little one. Really want to see that one myself, nieces and nephews are v handy at times!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Not sure about the animated movie, but I think Diary of a Wimpy Kid is aimed at more the 11yr old audience (only cos my nephew loves them and he's almost 12, but my 8 yr old niece wouldn't be that into them). I think Hotel Transylvania would scare me, but I'm a fraidy cat!
BertRaccoon Posts: 321
I'd say the Hotel Transylvania would be better as I'd say they have to put it at PG to account for really young/easily scared kids. So I guess it might depend on how your niece is with scary things in general - some small kids love them but others might be more easily frightened. I'm sure though if yourself and your husband are there she'd be fine.
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Dont waste your money on DOAWK - rubbish movie! I would bring my son who is 6 to Hotel T but tell him before to let me know if any of it is a bit scary and we can have cuddles!! (any excuse on my part!)
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Thanks everyone. I thikn the Hotel Transylvania one will be good. Will say it to my brother and see what he says anyway. Thanks again for the input!
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
For future ref, the British Board of Film Classification have a good website where you can search for the film of your choice and then click "extended classification information" where it gives pretty detailed (and therefore spoilerific) info - here's what it says for Hotel Transylvania - [i:3kq2ydjc]HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is an animated comedy about Count Dracula's attempts to protect his daughter Mavis from the dangers of the human world by opening a hotel for ghouls and monsters. When Mavis falls in love with a young man who finds his way to the hotel, Dracula's plans are disrupted. It is rated U and contains mild scary scenes and rude humour. The film plays with the traditional idea of horror and ghost stories by turning apparently frightening monsters into likeable characters who become involved in all sorts of comedy and slapstick. Although the monsters are initially introduced as being scary, they are rapidly revealed to be funny and caring characters. In telling its story, the film provides positive messages about understanding and accepting others. There is some mild rude humour involving characters passing wind or animals leaving pools of 'pee'. However, this is comic in nature and serves to balance the occasional scary moments rather than being offensive. U stands for Universal, which means that we think the film is suitable for audiences aged four or older.[/i:3kq2ydjc] Of course, their classification will be different to the Irish one but the descriptions give a good idea. And they have an app which is great. Enjoy the pools of pee :)