Bringing baby to supermarket

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littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
I want to bring the baby with me to do the weekly shop today but not sure how much shopping I can do with just his pram and a basket. Did I dream it or have I seen trollies where the car seat can fit on top? Are they strapped in or just balancing there? I'm tempted to get a sling just for doing this kind of shopping - do you think I'd use it for other things too? Baby is 12 weeks old btw. Just going to post this in M&K too.
yeah Posts: 109
Most supermarkets have trolleys you can put car seat on to. You'll get a full shop with it or the one with the baby seat but I'd bring a nice comfy blanket and fit baby in that before strapping in. The first time is the hardest because your so unsure. Good luck.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Yes I have seen and used the trolley's with the car seat strapped on to them, but to be honest I wouldn't have been able if I didn't have hubby with me as baby is very high on top of the trolley and I'm short! Don't think I could have physically got the seat on to it. I used the trolley's with the soft reclined seat for baby and I put blanket under her. She's in the normal trolley seat now!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
I bring my twin babies shopping from a few weeks old. I have never seen trolleys that you can strap a car seat into but maybe it's because I have 2 babies so haven't noticed. I have used the ones with the baby seat on them already and when very small I brought a blanket to out under them. As they get older they didn't need the blanket. I always brought a toy with me to distract them if needed but I found they just loved something new and would watch everyone around the shop.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
You can get trollies that you put the car seat into but they are few and far between. However, as Mari Yay says, they are very high up on top of the trolley - like, up over the handle - which I would find awkward. The baby trolleys are far easier. The baby seat is usually hard plastic so I used to put a blanket behind DS for comfort and hygiene reasons before strapping him in and he used be grand in it. He was usually quiet enough for me looking at all going on around him and he'd often fall asleep in it when he was very small.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
Thanks guys - it ended up a disaster! Got to the supermarket, found the perfect parent/child space and the stupid car seat wouldn't come out of the base. Had a 20 minute fight with it before going home in foul form!! So Yeah, you were right, first time was awful! Online shopping is definitely looking like an option! But seriously, I found out the kind they have and where they are and we're all set for our next visit this weekend. Thanks for all the advice.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
oh lsl sorry to hear that! Talk about frustration! Im having bother getting maxicosi in and out of the car myself, my husband finds it no bother but Im forever trying to lift pull and then yank the maxi cosi off it, dont know what I'll do when hes bigger and heavier to lift it up and pull it out at the same time!
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
Exactly MrsP, that's totally what happened only one of the clips got stuck cos I couldn't lift it off cleanly. Our car is quite high too, and even though I'm tall I feel like I need to stand on a box to lift the car seat out. Next time I'll just take baby out and put him in one of the baby seat trolleys.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
aghh that happens me ,one side gets stuck cos I cant lift it off fast enough drives me mad, ill need to practice!
missymoo2012 Posts: 92
Heya, I have the maxi-cosi and I borrowed these clips, so you can attach the maxicosi in the trolley. It takes up trolly space but our shop isnt really too big (only a 10 week old, me and DH), it is an option. I have no option but to take DD out to do the weekly shop as DH working away at the moment and it gets me out of the house :)