Bringing Friend to Make Up Trial?

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kikib Posts: 76
Hi Girls, just wondering what's the norm with the make up trial? can you bring someone for a second opinion or did ye all just go on your own? thanks x
lorrimar Posts: 837
I just went on my own, I knew myself what I wanted. I took pics of it and showed it to my MOH.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I had my mum there, I knew I could count on her and trust her opinion. Although she spent more time asking the mua what her own makeup would be like on the day lol
jenny7785 Posts: 158
i would bring someone opinionated but not overly so- honest but wont be harsh. if it makes you feel more comfortable i dont see why not. im lucky that i won a free trial with my girl so i know she understands what i want, and im having another trial for my hen party so everyone can see it then. but just say it to the mua in advance so she can make sure theirs space for your friend
worriedmammy2b Posts: 44
I went on my own, and it was dreadful. So booked another trial with different MUA, and brought my sister with me to that one.
E.Rose Posts: 188
I went on my own, only because my bridesmaid was sick, she'd have come otherwise, but I was definite about what I wanted so it was great. The mua and hair stylist were fantastic; they asked me lots of questions as to what I like and more importantly, they listened. I didn't need the second opinion. You'll know what looks good on you and you'll know what you like, and they'll give great advice as to what they think suits you
Casperlady Posts: 166
Can I ask when do you normally go for your make up trial?
E.Rose Posts: 188
I went for mine 3 months out from the wedding. My hair stylist and MUA are very good and very popular so I wanted to get them ASAP
PixieH Posts: 80
Had my make-up and hair trial today. Actually my second hair trial! 7 weeks before wedding. Did them on my own. MUA spent nearly 2 hours doing the trial asking lots of questions. Changed one or two things during the 2 hours! So happy with it! Wouldn't have liked anyone else in the room for the 2 hrs. I think another person would have distracted the MUA and I don't think I would have felt as relaxed either. Showed my mum and bridal party this eve and they all love it too :)