Bringing on contractions

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lilytiger Posts: 536
Hi there, I'm looking for some advice. My waters broke about 14 hours ago and I was getting some light period like pains for a few hours afterwards but I've been asleep for about 8 hours now and it wasn't pains that woke me up. I'm getting nothing much at all now except lower back pain and a bit of tightening of my bump. I've to head in later on for induction if nothing happens in the meantime but I was really hoping to avoid this as I was induced on my first and ended up with the epi and I'd like to try avoid that this time around. I'm in America so no option on gas and air, only the big guns over here, so as far as I'm concerned the epi would be the way to go if the pains get too bad. Any one any tips on getting some pains started?! What can i be doing to bring on contractions? Thanks for any tips!! :thnk
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I always thought if your waters went you had to go straight to hospital. Sorry that might not be much use to you but we were told in ante natal that if waters broke you should head into the hospital, it may be different over there.
lilytiger Posts: 536
Yeah, that seems to be the case everywhere but when it actually happens, and you ring to tell them, they'll let you stay at home if you're nearby. Same happened on my first baby and they induced me after 24 hours. I was told to double check my bags and have my shower etc and make my way to Coombe at my leisure after I rang to tell them. Same thing seems to be happening this time around so I've to head in once it's coming up on the 24 hours so 6 to go! Fingers crossed something kicks off soon! have been walking the legs off myself but once I sit down all the pressure goes away. O:| O:| Thanks anyway!
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Google reflexology - there are some points that you can stimulate to help bring on contractions. Look on you tube too.