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emeralsd Posts: 470
HI all Well finally getting to the buggy choosing stage. Iv seen ar eally nice one called the BRITAX VIGOUR 4+. It comes with seperate carrycot and car seat. Would love to hear some feedback from anyone who has heard of it. I quite like it, similar to the bugaboo but not with the big price tag attached. Looking forward to some oreplies pleases x :thnk
pricilla Posts: 1564
Yay! It's so hard to make a choice, at least you have it narrowed down a bit. Show us a picture!
emeralsd Posts: 470
Hi Dont have a pic to attact, not so gud on the computer. Have a look on Let me know what u think :wv
pricilla Posts: 1564
Is this it here? [img:1nqs2tyf][/img:1nqs2tyf] [img:1nqs2tyf][/img:1nqs2tyf]
emeralsd Posts: 470
hi Yes that the one, the one i saw in the shop was in black and red .What do you think, they say it is similar to the bugaboo but its not so expensive. Difficult to find any reviews thou. what do you think.Have u picked a buggy yet, interested to hear what you are buying?
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
looks nice. all very confusing I have to say and each time someone on here suggest a different type i look it up and go "oh I like That!" just adding to the confusion :o0 :o0 . Do you mind me asking how much you have seen this for?
pricilla Posts: 1564
Yeah I couldn't believe it when someone mentioned the price of the bugaboo. Babies cost a lot don't they!! :o0
Mrs J Posts: 387
We have this system (in black and red) -DD is nearly 9 months and we've had no problems so far. I should say we didn't even look at any others as once I heard it could fit in the boot of my small car, I just put a deposit down on it. We now use the buggy part the most now and I do find it a little tricky to put on the wheels at times but I think its just me! It has been really handy with just clicking the car seat on but DD is now getting a little big for it so I don't like her to spend too much time in it.
lambnose Posts: 915
I have that pram!! Mine is the 3 wheel version though. I find it fantastic and will be sad to give it up when I have to move to the dreaded double buggy in May. Mine is black. I found the carrycot to be great and DD was in it for 8 months as it was so cosy and she slept great in it. It is good for both town and country. Any questions ask away! :wv
nicnug Posts: 2
Hi, We bought the Vigour 4+, it just arrived today got it on the net. Have been dying to have a good "play"with it. Myself and my 2 1/2 yr old have been playing with it for the past hour. I got the buggy, carrycot and carseat in the blue/kingfisher colour and I have to say I'm very impressed with it so far. This my 2nd pregnancy due in April, so I was a little bit more fussy about what I wanted this time and its ticked all the right boxes so far. I'd read a few reviews where people were worried about a bigger child being able to fit in the buggy, so I put the little ds who's quite tall for 2 1/2 into it and he looked quite comfy and said he liked it. Just can't wait for no. 2 to arrive so we can get using it properly.