Britney not pregnant

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ainm Posts: 2211
This should come with a warning ... 8.php#more
graceface Posts: 3632
eugh :hic
Valkstar Posts: 2747
That's just wrong :action34
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
ah the poor creature , she's oblivious they are just exploiting her now
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Thanks for that.
Fifi Le Fume Posts: 1718
Thats nasty
architec Posts: 1306
That's just reaching a new low. She's mentally ill, FFS. If she were a civilian, there'd be war over images like that. Just because she's famous, she's automatically Pap Fodder. I don't think anyone has done a better job of turning me off achieving world wide fame...
fire fly Posts: 1241
God that is terrible
jen007-09 Posts: 255
Flippen heck, thats put me off my lunch.... Future note to self, when something says WARNING!! IGNORE.................. :o0 :o0
clucky Posts: 26471
It wont open for me I suppose i should be grateful