Broodiness, kind of

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tilsun Posts: 4506
Just wondering if anyone else has felt this way.... I haven't been broody since having DD, although we reckon we'll have other babies at some stage, I don't feel the urge yet. But I am getting really broody over the last week. I've been watching recorded episodes of One Born Every Minute and keep seeing newborns everywhere. But the weird thing is when I feel the broodiness its for my own DD. As in I don't imagine us having another baby, I would just love to be reliving all the moments with the LO we already have. I loved being pregnant, even kind of enjoyed giving birth, having her as a teeny tiny baby etc. I'd love to be able to do it all again with her. I know everyone is scared that they won't love second baby as much and I know everyone says they do. But I can't even imagine wanting a different baby, I'd just love to be able to hold my DD for the first time all over again. Am I crazy or is this the first stage of broodiness? Anyone else experience this?
Daff Posts: 11644
My biggest worry at the moment is that I won't have time to enjoy it this time with DD there too which is awful. Also I worry that I might end up resenting DD being there... which sounds ridiculous cause at the moment she's the most amazing wonderful thing in my whole world that can do no wrong! I think all fears are normal, it's part of the process and again why pregnancy is 9 months and how our mindsets change over time.
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
I think its perfectly normal.... every singel day i wonder when will we haveour next baby or what will he/she be like, what will DS think and then i pause and think how much i love DS and i feel guilty, he stired in his cot a few mins ago and i was covering him up and i stood staring at him and i started crying (just a little) and thanked god for blessing us which such a wonferful little person and i wouldnt change a second of if for the world but as u say its him i picture when thinking of another baby! We do want one more at least but not just yet.... i keep extending our TTC time so we can enjoy DS at a young age without feeling like he missed out
MammyC Posts: 3621
Last night I had a mad broody time when I wanted to be in the hospital getting ready to have baba and then getting ready to bring lo home I had a real pang. It almost hurt But it was for the experience I had with dd, and for dd. I can't imagine a new baby.. I think I'm going to put dd first all the time. My reasoning being well I know dd a lot longer than any new baby and I love her a lot more with each day goes by ! It melts my brain............
WorldsGreatestMum Posts: 249
I've been the exact same from about 3 weeks. The nostalgia when looking at photos of her when smaller is just unreal. I love her her so much more as time passes, it gets so much easier etc but I well up looking at photos of when she was less fab. It's really weird as I don't particularly think babies are that great. I got pregnant as I wanted to have a child rather than wanted a baby. The pregnancy thing is easier to understand as I loved that but I totally remember how tough having a newborn was.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I had the very same fears all of you described. But I can say you do love every child just as much as your first. I heard someone say once your heart grows with each child you have and it's so true. I did worry about quality time with DD3 but she gets it. There is more housework and cooking to do but you still find the time for the baby. DH took DD1 shopping for and hr yday during DD3s naptime. But instead of putting her in her cot and doing housework, we both snuggled up in bed and slept. It was wonderful. DD woke before me and was just looking at me smiling when I woke :lvs And when I see how the girls are together it makes me want another so bad. They love eachother so much it's a joy to watch them. I dint know where DD1 gets her patience from but she's wonderful with her sister and all DD3 wants during the day is her big sister singing or talking to her.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
yup i am FF and i want another baby. i pass the hospital that i had DS in every morning anf think with excitement of the day that we went in to have him and yearn for another...i am working on it. >:o)