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NotHere Posts: 10273
Oh God I am so broody! Met a girl today with her 2 week old baby girl and my heart just melted! I'm thinking that when I start my new cycle-towards the end of this month-that we will start trying again, just casually though to keep the pressure off. I think I'll feel better when we're trying at least. If I was lucky enough to get pregnant in November then that would leave me 8 months pregnant for the wedding that we are a part of next year so I suppose that's ok. We are staying in the hotel so I could have a rest whenever I'd need it. Anyway, chances are that I wouldn't get pregnant straight away so I wouldn't need to worry about be too many weeks in. Sorry to ramble, just wanted to get it off my chest! :duh:
SJo Posts: 85
[color=indigo:1m5okpcq]I know what you are saying girl! I am the same myself! Good luck to you.[/color:1m5okpcq]
bree Posts: 1880
your right to take things casual to begin - u could be suprised and get pregnant straight away ( like me !! big suprise as had convinced myself would take ages so stop taking precautions b4 the wedding ... was 11 wks pregnant the day we married) . I feel so lucky to be pregnant & am really enjoying it .. really really hope it happens for you too & you'll get to enjoy it just as much. Its obviously not all plain sailing, but like you said.. you'l get to meet a brand new person .. ( that u have created !... amazing ! ).................................sendin you lots & lots of baby dust!!!! whats for you wont pass you by!!
NotHere Posts: 10273
It's mad how our hormones play on us isn't it! i would love to be pregnant by my birthday next April but will be not be happy until we start trying again. I can take a wait as long as we are making an effort! Hope that makes sense! Can't wait for my next af now :hyper: