Brook Lane Hotel - Kenmare

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olivia79 Posts: 5
Hi girls I'm looking for a small-ish (60+ but no more than 100) wedding venue in Cork/Kerry area. Someone suggested the Brook Lane Hotel in Kenmare - anyone know anything about it? Also if you want to suggest any other venues please do. Many thanks in advance
posadh2010 Posts: 80
Have been to 2 weddings in the Brooklane. Its really really nice. Felt like we were having dinner in a restaurant rather than a big function room,if you know what I mean. If your wedding is in the summer there is a lovely outdoor patio area at the back.I have heard they are extending at the moment to cater for bigger weddings,so maybe just check that there wont be any work on whenever your wedding is planned for.HTH
olivia79 Posts: 5
Hello Thanks so much for your prompt response. A top tip asking about building work. I'm trying to arrange from abroad so not an easy task. I'll have to pop over and have a look at it. I suppose you havent been to a wedding in Gougane Barra Hotel or the Rectory in Glandore? Many many thanks