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fizzie09 Posts: 114
just wondering if anyone is getting any deals? We are trying to negotiate with them but I find that they are very arrogant and not very easy to deal with. Going down on Saturday to meet Ger and wanted to be prepared to try and get something off our menu. If anyone had any luck, let me know!
whatsnext Posts: 199
Hi Fizzie I am a BL bride - 5 weeks from saturday!! Yes I find them a bit arogant too and not the most accomodating but I suppose you pay for what you get and have only heard good things about them on the day. and we knew the costs last year when we booked. although some of the charges are ridiculous. we have haggled loads so we're always laughing that they must hate us! didn't get us very far though but we tried a lot!! they have a few special offers that they brought in this year so they have helped out a bit. Will PM you.
LuvBubbles Posts: 42
Hi, We are thinking of booking BL but didn't have any luck with haggling. they don't seem to budge on prices would love to hear how you get on Thanks Edited - my spelling is so bad
lille Posts: 152
Hi Fizzie09 I just PM'd you.......