Brown Discharge & Cramps

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minibride Posts: 74
Girls - sorry in TMI - but as some of you know, am 1 wk overdue today. Yesterday afternoon noticed a tiny bit of dark brown watery discharge when went to the loo - put on pad and only had a tiny bit more. Went to loo this morning and again had some more - know this is disgusting but kind of was still trickling out when I wiped and went to pull up pants. Also woke during the night with a lot of cramps - like the start of a bad period but very low down. Was going to call my doc this morning, but just wondering if anyone else who is due has had similar symptoms - am starting to worry myself a bit that maybe there's something wrong - though am hoping its the start of movement! Any feedback would be great. Ducky, Bree etc?? Ta
swissgirl Posts: 2301
There was a thread here recently about brown discharge (and it being ok) - call your doctor though. If you are worried he/she is the best to put your mind at rest. thinking of you. x sg.
twinssep Posts: 1242
how exciting mini souns kinda like a show and the cramps r a good sign call doc and see what he says good luck keep us posted
ros Posts: 749
Hey There, SOunds like your waters but if they were a bit murky or brown I would call your doctor/midwife right away as it could be merconium in your waters, in which case you would have to go to the hospital just to get checked out. How exciting!!! Good luck and keep us posted...
Ducky Posts: 2506
mini, replied initially in other post but having read more detail in this one, I would phone doc in case it is meconium in your waters and you are having a slow leak. If baby is also quiet, deffo ring. Chances are it is a show but it's going on a while, so best to be safe and call hosp or doc. Let us know how you go pet xx