Brown Discharge

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Teacake88 Posts: 352
Hi all, I'm still in the TTC forum but just wondering if i can ask a question. Did any of you suffer from Brown Discharge, for 3/4 days before every period and still manage to get a BFP?? I get it every month from 8 / 9 dpo, and i'm just hoping that one month that's all it will be, that it will just stop and no AF will appear?? (i'm almost 35 and this is month 6 of really trying so am getting worried) thanks
Silini2 Posts: 3834
I always get it and as you can see I have two dd's. Had no problems conceiving. Maybe get your bloods done if you are concerned? Luteal Phase is counted up to the first day of full red flow, not spotting... If you are trying six months I'd get checked out. Very best of luck