Brown discharge, threatening miscarriage as per consultant.

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Hugz Posts: 410
Hi I have had light brown discharge for past week and a bit. Im around 8 wks. TMI I know but sometimes when I go the toilet there is nothing there and sometimes brown discharge. Not blood. Consultant says its a threatening miscarriage and to take it easy. He didnt ask anything about the spotting ie type, colour, how frequent etc. This is my first pregnancy and petrified now to do anything. I said I exercise quite a bit and should I cut down. He said yes until spotting stops and not to have intercourse either until then. He didnt offer me time off work or anything, my job is high pressue and I travel a lot around the country. Anyone have experience of this spotting and what happened. I am safe doing my daily walks or a few walks a week. I am petrified moving at all!
Crostini Posts: 1105
i may be wrong but if it's not bright red with clots then it's pretty normal according to the other threads on here about it. there are tonnes of threads on this so perhaps scan down through them and have a read. best thing to do though is rest and try not to worry! fingers crossed for ya!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Hugz, do you have the option of going for an early scan, even privately? It may be nothing to worry about, but just in case it is a sign that something isn't right, a scan would let you know either way. Hopefully it is nothing serious.
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I had a week of spotting when I was about 13 weeks, it was from a low-lying placenta. The doctor wanted me to take the week off work, even though I just have an office job, as she said it was all about preventing anything from happening, as opposed to being able to stop something from happening once it had started. The spotting I had was all brown mucous if that makes any sense? And there was no pains with it. But at the same time, the GP didn't want me doing anything, as because it was the placenta, she didn't want me risking rupturing it. If you are travelling a lot with work, I would ask for a sick-cert for the week, from your GP or your cons. And literally, just put the feet up for the week. No exercise, no housework, nothing. Just rest - bed, couch, daytime tv, meals, bed. Nothing else.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I agree with Hopingforsoon about attending your own GP and getting cert for rest of week or longer if needed. My colleague had spotting continually throughout her pregnancy and asked for cert just so she could give her body some time to rest. Def no exercise or sex. good luck.
babs76 Posts: 1000
I had brown discharge for one day when I was about 6 weeks so my doc sent me in for an early scan and everything was fine. The nurse said that it’s fairly common as sometimes your cervix ruptures a little bit with the growing baby and as long as its no red blood then it’s absolutely fine –i.e. red blood is fresh blood and brown discharge is old blood. I got another 2 days of it last week (10 weeks today) and again I went for another scan and thank god everything was Ok – the doc said that if it’s red blood and you are cramping a lot then that’s serious but otherwise It’s Ok. Like you I was terrified and I suppose I’m still very conscious of it but I’m staying positive that everything will be fine. I used to run a lot and I have stopped everything, I’m lucky in that my job involves a lot of sitting in front of a PC and when I get home in the evening I put the feet up for the night Try not to panic and definitely take a week off work if you can and put the feet up – is there any chance of telling work your situation and they might be able to give you something less stressful to do for a few weeks – try and stay positive and rest up.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hugz, you poor thing. Hope you're ok. As the others have said the fact that it's brown discharge might just mean old blood. If it was bright red with cramping then it more than likely means a miscarriage. Maybe get yourself to your nearest EPU & ask for a scan for piece of mind. In the mean time rest up & try & get some time off work. I hope everything works out for you.
MrsB2007 Posts: 519
Hi ya, I had this around the 12 week mark - last a few days stopped and then about week later had it again for a few days and it stopped again. I went into A&E and they did an internal etc but thankfully all was/is ok. Gynae said as long as it wasn't bright red and I didn't have cramping it can just be normal. I've heard since of a girl who had this constant from week 17 to about 15 of her pg and all is fine with babs. Just take it easy and try not to worry although I know you will cos I did! Perhaps ring the EPU in your hosp and they will take you for an early scan for peace of mind. If you need any more info just pm meX
Mushypea Posts: 1
Hi there, I was in a similar situation, two weeks ago I had spotting and extremely bad cramps, went to GP And she reffered me to the coombe, she done an internal,and basically told me I had miscarried or will miscarry in the next couple of days,that she couldn't see any heart beat either, If I dont do it naturally they will bring me in and do if for me,She said I would need a scan, I was absolutely shocked and devastated, so I went home thinking this was the case, waiting for it, then got call from coombe to go in thurs for internal scan, midewife was lovely, she advised me that there was no heart beat that she could see, and said I will just haveto wait and see and to rest, I was definately advised to take the week of work, and literally just wait, you do need to relax and take it easy, I was half afraid to do anything, I didn't have anymore bleeding during the week, just brown discharge, I went back the following week which was last friday,and there was a heart beat there, I was so releived and thrilled at the same time. I was expecting the worst to happen and had try not to get my hopes up, as the orig nurse had told me sometimes it jus doesn't grow ! so please god everything will be okay with you, I know alot of girls can have some spotting,fact that its brown discharge is a good sign, so dont give up, just try and relax and take it easy, I would definately go for an internal scan, just to put your mind at ease a bit.
phananta Posts: 330
Hugz, try not to worry too much. I had 3 weeks of brown discharge from about wks 6 to 9, no explanation was ever found for it, but definitely when I stopped all forms of even gentle exercise was when it seemed to clear up. I was scanned twice when it first started to check things were progressing, then when it hadn't stopped after about 2 weeks I went to GP who referred me up to epu and I was scanned again. By this time I was about 9 weeks and it was very reassuring to see things progressing, esp as babs actually looks like a baby by that point! Maybe you could do this in a week or so? Don't worry too much about the consultant saying 'threatened miscarriage', apparently any unexplained bleeding is given this title, it doesn't necessarily mean consultant believes a miscarriage is likely. Try to take it as easy as possible *)