Brown Spotting

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Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Just been to the bathroom and there's brown spotting on my knickers. Waiting for the doctor to ring me back, please god everything is ok :o(
Greece Posts: 1800
Bababoom - please dont worry. All the books will tell you this is normal, most of us in July thread have had it along the way, its not something you need to worry about unless you are seeing bright red/pink blood. So try and relax. Look it up online, you will find lots of info - all pretaining to the fact that its very common. Its often referred to as 'old blood' also. Its probably like what you get at the sart /end of your period, if so, dont worry.
MrsNov Posts: 446
Hey Bababoom Please dont worry, it is likely nothing. However, I would suggest that you try and get a scan done, and ask your doctor to monitor your HCG levels (I'm sure he's going to do this anyway). I'll be praying it all works out ok for you hun. I had the same thing, so please feel free to PM me if you need to chat. MrsNov, :xxx :xxx
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I've a scan booked for Sunday anyway but I think I'll try and bring it forward.
babymine Posts: 196
bababoom - you poor pet, I really feel for you. I had brown bleeding at about 6 weeks and my GP told me to go straight to the emergency dept. of Holles Street and they were great in there. They did an internal scan and could see sac and fetal pole but unfortunately couldnt see heartbeat. They had me back 1 week later and there was heartbeat fluttering away thank god. Since then I have not had any more brown discharge/bleeding so hopefully you will be fine. :lvs
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hey hun, :wv ive had brown spotting since i got my bfp, and have been to hospital 4 times with it, and with a little bleed, and everything is ok. please dont stress and worry over it, get your scan , they told me its all hormonal and i cud see there was no bleeding around the baby Hope u get sorted soon :xxx
Anon - Please help Posts: 203
Dont bother with your Doc, ring your local EPAU and go over to them. They will assess you and do scan. The same happened to me and I rang Doc...she was on lunch though so instead of waiting for her to call back I went over to hospital. They told me I was right to go straight over as Doc can do nothing! Fingers crossed all will be ok. :xox
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I rang the Coombe at half four and she said the early pregnancy unit finished at 4, I said ok thanks. Maybe I should have explained what was wrong with me though. My doctor called me back tonight, said its old blood but if it gets bright or my cramps get worse to go to Casualty. She said she'd try and sort out a scan at the hospital near her practice (my doctor is from where my parents live so not really local to me anymore.) if I wanted but I told her I'd one booked for Sunday anyway. No more blood since anyway and the cramps are no worse than they've been since I got my BFP. They're gone now too. Thanks for the replies. Roll on Sunday.