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Capetown Posts: 976
If one more thing goes wrong I'll go mad. H2B paid for our Honeymoon in full on Friday. Transfered funds and all was hunky dorey. Went into see our trail today and their was no sign of it. Rang trailfinders and they have no idea why it was cancelled and fella that booked for us is on holiday. H2B is going into hospital tomorrow for tests and he could be in for a few days. Mass booklets still not finished and we have to do 250 of them. Paper keeps jamming in the printer and we've wasted a shit load of expensive paper. If we had had our time over again there is no way would we have made them ourselves. Sorry for the rant. Just wish things would go right for us for a change. O:|
MammyC Posts: 3621
i dont know what to sya except to take some time to destress, and that I hope you H2B will be ok! :xxx
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Sorry to hear that Strawberry 75, I hope it all works out for you, it is terrible to have such unnecessary stress.
shoegals Posts: 1640
Sorry to hear you are having a rough ride at the moment. First of all I hope hubby is okay, take a break from the mass booklets until tomorrow or ask for a volunteer to help you. Trailfinders have your cash so I'm sure they will sort out your honeymoon today. Everything will be fine, don't worry! :xox
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, Hope your h2b is ok? Trailfinders have your money. Also, its not really your problem that the guy who booked your hm is on hols, I would get bck onto them and tell them to sort it out today as its there mistake! Can you ask one of your bm to help you with the mass booklets to take the pressure off you? Im sure they would love to help?
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Sorry to hear your H2B's not 100%. I agree with Summer Smile Bride - share the load with the rest of the wedding party which should reduce your stress levels. A problem shared in a problem halfed etc. Good luck with it and best of luck to the H2B
Capetown Posts: 976
Thanks girls. My Bridesmaids are in Dublin and I'm in Galway so I can't really ask them. I'm just worried about tomorrow and hoping that all will go well.
wannababba Posts: 1161
take a deep breath and try and relax, I know its easier said that done but try and stop stressing as it will get u no-where, Im sorry to hear about your h2b and really hope that everything goes well for him, ring trail finders and calmly ask what is goig on with your honeymoon explain that you know the assistant you were dealing with is on holidays but ask them to look at your booking and see what alternative they have come up with for you, if no joy ask to speak to a supervisor!!!!!, stop printing for the moment as you only end up wasting more expensive paper, try again later on tonight with some normal paper first. I hope all goes well for you and good luck :wv
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Hi Strawberry, Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. The ohter girls are right, tell Trailfinders its their problem, not yours and sort it. Then you should take a break from the printing and spend the evening with your H2B. He's probably nervous about going to hospital too and if ye just spend the evening chilling out it will be better for both of ye. And I bet if you leave the mass booklets for a day or two it will work out better for you. Computers have a way of picking up when you're up sh*t creek and exploiting it!! Hope your H2B is OK and that you don't paper cut yourself to death :wv
Capetown Posts: 976
H2B rang trailfinders and he's waiting on them to get back to him. It's off their system and the have no backup copy of our iteniry.He's talking about cancelling his appointment tomorrow and going to Dublin to deliver the money personally. He has traced the credit transfer and it hasn't landed in trailfinders account yet. So as we have no booking or anything they advised him to cancell the credit transfer. So as it stands now we have no honeymoon booked. I've calmly explained to him that his health is more important than a honeymoon and he's not to go tearing up to Dublin. I'll organise to get a bank draft Fed Ex'ed up to them. (Not sure how safe that is.) Our Honeymoon was coming in at €6k and we really can't afford much more. I just hope that it doesn't go up much more. Can you cross fingers and toes for me please.