bruised ribs.anyone ever done this?

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windycity Posts: 2241
soo annoying, cant really do much exercise and spent the xmas eating shait n drinking to beat the band! great fun :o0 but my dress comes in in Feb :eek in a size that fit my measurements to the inch the day I ordered it.. opppss!! dreading trying it on and it not fitting.. Anyone know how long bruised ribs take to heal? :thnk
madhatter Posts: 212
Unfortunately months! Did it a few years ago and it was so sore. And even made it hard to breath sometimes. Anyway you should be able to do light exercise just not any stretching or weights. But walking should be ok?????
minnielulu Posts: 358
Socantwait I had bruised ribs a few years ago and it was PAINFUL! It was just before I did my leaving so I was booted out the door every morning my the mother she was having none of my moaning but seriously it was really sore, painful to breath and sneezing was a bloody nightmare :o0 Can't remember how long exactly it took to heal but I think it was prob in around 4/5 weeks before I was completely back to normal. I'd say madhatter is right walking is prob the best/easiest thing to do. BTW... just wondering how you bruised them in the first place >:o)
windycity Posts: 2241
months :eek shait! Must get into the walking so. What could you do?? All the radiologist said was that there was no fracture, just bruising but Im wondering where I could go to check if there is muscle tearing or anything like that. Its starting to ease but did some walking today and its tender now so frustrating!!
windycity Posts: 2241
lu lu :o0 :o0 this is how i broke them :hic O-O O-O O-O O-O O-O O-O :hic :hic :yelrotflmaosmilie:
mrspants Posts: 4652
at least you had fun!