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Beedy Posts: 112
Would you recommend the BT250? I've seen conflicting reviews; some rate it highly but the negatives seem to consistently report that the thermometer measures +2 degrees over the actual room temp, saying room is too hot, and that the battery life is really short. I've seen many recommendations for the BT150 but it appears to be discontinued. Is there another monitor you'd recommend? thanks a mill
adelz Posts: 3088
I have wondered and wondered about these also. The BT monitor with the pacifier seems to have gotten fantastic reviews....All the reviews I read on the 250 and the 200 seemed quite mixed....Im so confused over them.... I seen then for like 10e more you could get the motorola mbp20 which has the camera, I didn't consider a camera in the start at all, they seem to have gotten great reviews too. So its between the two of them for us....Would like to hear what all other ppl have to say about the BT monitors too :wv
hectic Posts: 528
I have only heard good things about the BT monitors so far.....we were planning on going for one but not sure which model......i would be interested to hear some opinions
BusyMom Posts: 717
When I was choosing our monitor (~3 years ago) the current models were the BT100 and the BT150. I was discouraged from getting the BT150 as the people I knew who had it hated the thermometer function. I got the BT100 and am very happy with it still. They've since updated their models and the equivalent is now the BT200. Here's a link to a previous thread where I gave my opinion on ours - sorry, I'm too lazy to retype it! :-8 [url:14eequzh][/url:14eequzh]
Hi Beedy I have the BT baby monitor 250 & i am really happy with it . I previouslly had a motorolla monitor which broke after 5 months & the reception quality was very poor. BT 250 is crystal clear & its one of the better monitors i have seen in a while , my sister in law had on older BT model approx 2 yrs & it was very good . The HD sound is excellent you can really hear the baby breathing . Its easy to use & i like the temperature display , expensive but worth the money :wv
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
We have a bt monitor, I think the 150 and find it great. It did take a while to figure out that the temp reading is 2 degrees out (ours actually registers 2 below what it really is, ie says 16 when it's really 18, etc) but once we figured that out, it has been plane sailing with it. The sound quality is excellent, very reliable and range is pretty good too (DH's family home is a sprawly bungalow with pretty much all block walls and we've never had a problem with signal).
Beedy Posts: 112
Thanks all. Summer Bride, any problems with the battery life?
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Battery life is crap. We had the old bt150 but DS decided to give it a bath so went out & bought the bt250. The battery literally lasts about an hour before you have to plug it in. Such a shame because it's an excellent monitor in every other way.
adelz Posts: 3088
Could you use rechargeable batteries in it??
I've had no problem with the battery at all , I usually leave the monitor charging away in the unit while its on ... Its scores 10 / 10 for me :wv