I just wanted to recommend the lovely girls in Brown Thomas' lingerie dept in Dublin. Sooooooooooo helpful and nice - couldn't do enough for me. I didn't need a bra as i'm having one of those stick on ones but they helped me select non lacey knickers (shows through dress!) that were still very flattering and sexy! They were so nice about everything and even though i just spent €25 on the calvin's, they treated me like royalty. I'd also like to say, Clery's were extremely rude to me. I was looking at buying the Eve's bra and asked how you'd use them and the old doll behind the counter snapped "Yes you're VERY small in the bust....but you'll have to read the instructions..i'm not qualified to give advise". FFS, this is a lingerie dept, arn't they not supposed to know how to put on the special bras? Arnotts wern't much better but not as rude and unhelpful as Clery's.