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proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
My mum's bday is tomorrow and I have a Brown Thomas voucher for €50. My dad has given me €50 cash to put with it to make €100 to get something between us. Anybody have any ideas what I may get. She isn't big into make up but maybe perfume? She loves chance but has 2 bottles of that already. What may be similar fragrance wise to it? Could I get a nice scarf and gloves set or either/or or a tote shopping bag for this price. Only that I have the voucher, I don't feel €50 spend is unjustified and she is my mum who does do so much for me and us (hubbie/DD). If I had spare cash, I would buy her something all the time but I don't. Heading up town at lunchtime so please spare some thoughts
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Aprt from make up etc €100 doesn't go a long way in BT'S! You may get a wallet / purse if she would like that? Also would she be into candles etc? I remember getting a lovely one from there a few uears back, you might pick up a nice set... afair they were branded with BT like so it wouldn't just look like you got a cheap candle set!
Chocake Posts: 21
What about something in the home section? Or something in underwear section, like pjs or a lovely dressing gown? A scarf is a really nice option too, like something she would not normally buy yourself, something very glamourous..... Good luck!
florida09 Posts: 59
You could treat her to a manicure in Nails Inc upstairs, or a Molton Brown gift set. Or maybe top up the 50euro voucher with the 50euro from your dad and just give her the 100euro voucher. That way she could pick something out herself :)
Elizabeth83 Posts: 25
It's my birthday next week and I'm praying for a bottle of jo Malone perfume the grapefruit one I think it's 90 quid for the large bottle and 40 something for the purse size ( I think!) you cold get a candle aswel for 50. I think a jo Malone perfume would be a real treat for your mam they are fabulous. Happy shopping!
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
For some reason I am not getting replies on the threads but I have returned from BT's with a lighter pocket but well worth it. I got her a Ted Baker wash bag and some coast jewellery that I know she will love. We are heading to Lanzarote next month and I think its duty free so will buy her a bottle of perfume when over there as a little something extra as she does so much for my DD with regards minding her, buying her clothes, toys so should be treated well when her bday or other occassions. You're so good with the replies. Unfortunately, my BT is the Galway branch and so don't have a nail bar but she would have liked that too as she never treats herself. They have fab DKNY fleece pj's so may get those for her for Christmas. €75 but they look soooooo toasty. May give the nod to the DH to get me them for my bday or christmas and some smalls for the anniversary just after Have a great weekend and thanks again for replying